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Rent a car in San Francisco low cost from Naniko car rental

Have you ever a Hollywood blockbusters, have you dreamed reading bestseller of famous contemporary American writers, have you tried different contexts, ranging from music to video games. What's all this about? Well, of course, about the San Francisco!

Rent a car in San-Francisco – If tickets to San Francisco already booked, and you're in the process of drafting the right program for your visit to the city, without missing any slightest chance, including the opportunity of a ride on the famous hills, be aware that all easily accessed by car.

Car rental from Naniko   is real guarantee of the great way to visit the most beautiful places in San Francisco.

Here are some useful tips to help you quickly adapt to the system road traffic in San Francisco.

Rental cars in San-Francisco – Driving the car in San Francisco has two sides of the coin: of course the first day from arrival at destination, you will dream, get behind the wheel of your car hired to ride on the ascent and descent of streets with lovely sea views. Of course, this is an exciting experience, but you should keep in mind that most of the urban road with one-way traffic, which means that if you mess up at some point, will be on the other part of town.

Car hire in San-Francisco – It is your way for unforgettable trip!

A quick search on helps you to optimize your time and finance saving and find the right vehicle hire that suits you in San Francisco.

Please pay attention that you will obliged to have:

  • International driving license
  • Certificate of rent
  • Car Insurance
  • Valid passport

In no any case do not drink alcohol if you are going to drive, as tolerance to such a case is zero.

Finally the issue of parking is a little complicated in traffic hours and, in any case, the city parking can cost you dearly, it is better to opt for garages or remote areas, taking advantage of an efficient public transport.

Of course, the attractions in San Francisco abound.

City streets offer fascinating specimens of Victorian architecture, combined with avant-garde structures and soft landscapes of scenic surroundings.

Chinatown is certainly amongst the most memorable places emerged among markets, unique architecture and folklore. Entering here in the door of the Dragon, you get the feeling that you appear in the movie.

Golden Gate Bridge panorama gives a strong feeling and a sense of freedom, especially in the evening, when the lanterns light up the magical atmosphere of the impressive suspension bridge

For the rest there is no better place than the Golden Gate Park! Gorgeous green area includes attractions such as Memorial Museum, Natural History Museum, the Japanese Tea Garden, as well as spectacular natural space.