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Rent a car Tallinn Airport – Naniko car rental at Lennert Merry Airport

Estonia’s main airport is named after Lennert Merry.
The international airport in Tallinn has a very interesting location; the airport situated just 5 kilometers from the city, 5 km from the biggest Tallinn Passenger Port.

tallinn airport Lennert Merry

The national airport operates around the clock every day and receives a huge number of passengers. He collaborates with many airlines. In 2007-2008, the airport was reconstructed and renewed.
Estonia, a country rich in its nature, culture, history, why tourists come here from many countries, in addition businessmen comes to the country.
Our company “Naniko” plans to open office for car rental at the international airport.
Rent a car in international airport of Talin with “Naniko”
Everyone before arrival in Tallinn can book our car in the online mode. At the airport you obligatorily will be met by driver of “Naniko” with a stencil.
We will to offer you the most luxury cars and participate in business meetings will be prestigious and travel will be comfortable.
Choose our company and start a visit to the country by car from “Naniko.”