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Rent a car Thessaloniki, Greece: Car rental at Naniko in Thessaloniki

City where the merging three civilizations
Thessaloniki considered the second largest city of Greece. The city has a very rich history and occupied. The city was founded in 316 BC, but it can compete with all modern cities. What confirms that in 1997 the city was recognized as the capital of Europe .Thessaloniki is one of the most populated cities in Greece, its economic, trade and business center , the capital of Greek Macedonia .

Naniko Car Rental in Thessaloniki

Some history
Thessaloniki was established in the early Hellenistic era, during the reign of Alexander the Great and his descendants. City was founded by King Cassander . In the 300 year BC Thessaloniki became the capital of the Roman Empire. This city Thessaloniki with Constantinople long time was the epicenter of Christianity until the Turkish invasion. But, the town was freed from the invasion of the Turks and kept a large number of temples. Name of the city comes from the half-sister of Alexander the Great – Thessaloniki , which was the king Cassandra’s wife . At one time there were born and started their activities Cyril and Methodius , they helped in the development of Christianity , the establishment of Slavic literacy and they are the inventors of the church language . About the history of this city we can tell relentlessly. Thessaloniki has the right to be called a city of three civilizations : the Hellenistic , Roman and Byzantine . Numerous archaeological excavations established that the first settlement on the site of modern Thessaloniki already existed for 3200 years BC.
Why Thessaloniki?
Thessaloniki is very famous for its exciting night partying. Here are the best hotels and restaurants in Greece. You can enjoy here the Macedonian , European, Middle Eastern cuisine. A sandy beaches and azure shores of this city will again attract tourists. This city does not yield, the popular tourist destinations – Crete and Santorini, the state invests a lot of money for the development of its tourism infrastructure. This could come in summer and winter. Most tourists come here for shopping here an extensive selection and a lot of shops.
The most convenient way of transportation in the city ?
Visiting the Thessaloniki will be much more enjoyable if you take a car . The car rental company in NANIKO Thessaloniki, offers you an extensive range of machines at the best prices in Thessaloniki.
You can just relax and enjoy your vacation or shopping.
Do not miss the chance to visit a city that has such an ancient culture.
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