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Tirana, capital of Albania since 1920, is a fairly compact city, in which a pleasant stroll. Most tourists start their journey with a beautiful square Skenderbeg, located in the city center. To the east rises Mount Dajti, of altitude 1613 meters.

What first strikes in the positive aspect here is the power and the desire to work. The younger generation has more opportunities to get a job, but must be said that aged citizens are, although not easy, but finding a job.

While in Tirana, it is necessary to visit a former symbol of the city – the pyramids, which today have become entertainment for children and adults.

As well as throughout the country, in Tirana environment is almost identical to the one side of the broken dirt roads, sewers without lids, and on the other – furnished road to the minimum detail, the new high palaces with mirrored paneling. There is a strange feeling that you are traveling into the past mixed with the future and the present.

If the question arises, where and what to eat in Tirana, there will a monosyllabic answer. There are places where you can eat typical dishes or delicacies prepared with attention to detail. The difference in price is not small, but worth trying both.

Far away from Tirana International Hotel is the National History Museum, which consists of 15 floors and is the tallest building in the country. A huge mosaic picture covers the entire facade of the building.

In the eastern part of the city – the Palace of Culture, with a theater, restaurant, several cafes and art galleries inside. Monumental architecture of the building is a clear trace of the Soviet era.