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Rent a car at the best prices from Naniko –Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague

According to the search engines, offered at many sites, you can search long and compare the prices of many car rental agencies presented at the airport in Prague, or to trust our system, which has already done this hard work for you and get the service at the best price.

For maximum convenience on auto hire from the airport of Prague, Naniko offer several relevant recommendations:

  • It is important to know in advance the location of the fuel station, a nearby of place to return the car.
  • Before you leave the parking space read the control system of the vehicle.
  • Prior to your trip, look closely at the vehicle inside and out for damage and, if find some, inform the representative.
  • Our company provides a free map of highways.
  • The car is always better to leave on a guarded parking lot.

Enjoy your trip in a beautiful city by car rental from Naniko in Prague Airport.

Prague-Ruzyně Airport began its operation in 1937.

In terms of proximity to the city center, the location of the airport is very advantageous. In addition, agricultural land near Ruzyne allows for further expansion of the airport, the necessity of which is formed by growing demand and passenger traffic.

It serves as a hub for the trans-European network of airports.

The airport has three terminals: Terminals 1 and 2 are for departures on domestic and international flights, while Terminal 3 is for general aviation and commercial flights.

Communication between terminals is carried out on a minibus or taxi. All flights from Schengen countries arrive in Terminal 2, while all other flights, including those from the USA and the UK arrive in Terminal 1 and a new second one, which was opened in 2006.

In the winter months, sometimes snow can cause the closure of one or more tracks, why would inevitably follow flight delays. According data the average number of days affected by snow during the winter months – four.

Recommended time to register for European flights is two hours before departure.

For passengers departing from Prague airport baggage wrapping service is available. Your luggage wrapped in plastic to protect it from damage or opening during transport.