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Valletta is the capital of Malta, which got its name in honor of the national hero and Hospitaller knight Jean de la Valletta, who was the heroic defenders of the island during the Turkish siege of 1565. Today Valletta is the residence of the Maltese government, with a population of about seven thousand people. The city has a great historical, artistic and cultural heritage, preserved in the best feasible way, notwithstanding of many bombardments of World War II.

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Among the most significant monuments, of course, it is worth noting the church of St. John the Baptist, built in the period from 1567 to 1571 in the interior of which are buried numerous members of the Order of the Knights of Malta. Here you can see two important works by Caravaggio and a large pipe organ. Another important historical building is the Grand Master’s Palace, built in the sixteenth century, which contains an impressive collection of tapestries.

Valletta and the entire of Malta are very interesting destination of tourism from every angle, whether cultural attractions or magnificent scenery. But those who want to have fun will find a vibrant nightlife and delicious local cuisine.