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Car rental in Cyprus, Rent a car Naniko

Cyprus is an island disposed in the Mediterranean Sea and third by its dimensions between the local isles. The country of Cyprus is disposed on the 60 % of the main island Cyprus and another neighbouring islands. The peopling of Cyprus is presented by different nationalities, the major parts of which are Greeks and Turkish, and also English and Russians etc. This fact is related with historical moments and also with the attractiveness and ecological cleanness of the islands. The ecology of Cyprus was denoted by the blue flag of European Union.

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The capital and the main city of Cyprus is Nikosia, which situated in the heart of the island and divided by the green line in two parts, what separates Greek and Turkish regions.
Cyprus is really one of the most adorable places for tourist from all over the world, who really astimates the transparent blue water of the seaside and indisputable cleanness of ecology.
The pleasant and impressive surprise for tourists is the national cuisine of Cyprus, where you will discover a combination of the Greeks and Turkish courses. Interesting by its method of preparation the course named Kleftika, translated as a “stolen meat”. The explanation of this strange name regarded with the kind of traditional story. The local cowboys had a tradition to hide a stolen meat buried in the ground and than sparkle a fire on that place above,so the meat were cooked in the very special manner and the taste was very delicate and soft, the real enjoyment for gourmets.
Of course, non-comparable with anything else, the taste of the morning coffee taken on the picturesque seaside.

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