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Georgia – country of warm, love and beauty.
Country where the history meets to the modernity, where the present is born from the past and present is a creator of the future, where the heart biting is heard in every stone and every piece of ground.

Wonder place for everyone who comes here.

Here you are met with open heart, warm smile and always spread tables ready to receive guests.
During centuries different invaders tried to conquer the country and at the same time to take it under their government.
Persians, Seljuk, Turkish and other enemies change each other here.
How this people could stand against the enemies that were coming from almost every part of the Asia and Europe.
No one can say it reliably but it is believed that Virgin Mary protect the country.
The capital of the country is Tbilisi and all of the ways are begun from here. Tbili" in Georgia and "Warm" in English.
The name talks about itself. Tbilisi is situated along the both banks of the River Mtkvari – the longest river of Georgia.
The most attractive is the old part of the city where side by side visitors can overlook the oldest Georgian Orthodox and Armenian churches, Mosque, Synagogue, fortress and near them modern buildings are constructed.
Georgia is the country of ancient traditions that are passed from generation to generation with tenderly and witness.
Here people love each other and they are always ready to give a hand to anyone in neediness.
However the country is small but the geography of the country is diverse.
It’s territory is about 70000 km2 but here you can find mountains, plains, valleys, sea coast. In several days you will be able to oversee all country from the highest mountain of Shkhara (5200 m.) to the lowest place between Poti and Kulevi.
The climate is Subtropical, winters and summers are mild.
Georgia is rich in natural resources such as manganese and iron ore, copper, coal and so on.
And many investors are interested to invest money and develop their business here.

Georgia is a country of ancient culture.

Especially attractive and harrowing is Georgian folk dance and singing.
Georgian singing is input in the UNESCO heritage list and the song "Chakrulo" was sent to the space orbit.
Georgia is famous with its wine and cuisine as well.
There are a lot of architectural monuments and natural reserves.
Many monuments also are defined as UNESCO Heritage Sites, for example, Svetitskhoveli, Jvari, Bagrati and Gelati Monasteries, Ushguli as the highest settled place in Europe.
Georgia was a crossroad between Europe and Asia since the ancient times; many travelers were coming to see the richness and beauty of it; Manies were excited with the hospitality of Georgian people and everyone became falling in love with this extraordinary country.
There are three Airports in Georgia: Tbilisi International Airport, David the Builder International Airport of Kutaisi and Batumi International Airport.
Still Georgia is becoming more and more exciting destination not only for business but also for tourists from different countries.
Many visitors come here for business trip or to travel.
They can use all kinds of transport and travel services in Georgia.
Of course, they can travel by public transport, but more convenient is to rent a car in Georgia.
Because they will feel independence, more freedom and it may be cost cheaper than the transport fare.
They will not have to waste money and time.
There are lots of companies that offer car rental service but "Rent a Car Georgia" is a company that was established to provide more qualified service with the lowest prices.
It serves its costumers throughout Georgia as the company has offices in different cities such as Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi and may be it will open branches in other cities as well.
Company has flexible system of online booking, the easiest way to be sure that when the clients arrive to the Airports of Georgia they will be met by the car they booked in advance.
Car Rental in Georgia always and everywhere will be with its costumers.