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Israel rent a car naniko

Israel is a country situated in The Middle East, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a territory what responding to the places of ancient times the reign of Jidda, described in the Bible.
Israel confined with Egypt on the south, from the west surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, from the East confined with Jordan, from the North – with Lebanon, and North-West – with Syria. The population in 2012 was about 8 million inhabitants. It’s sole country in the world predominantly with Hebrew population of 76%.
There is no common view about the etymology of the country’s name, but according some historical the name descended from the unification of Hebrew words, respectively to English governance and God, and means the land governed by God. The name of Israel also mentioned in the Book of Genesis.
According to legends there are several Hebrew states were existed in this region. One of them the Reign of Judas had been destroyed by Nabucodonosor II in 587 years of B.C.
Jerusalem was proclaimed as a capital of Israel in 1951 and from this moment all main departments of Governance were transferred here, meanwhile some of them remained in the city Tel Aviv, named by Ben Gurion, as a birthplace of the State of Israel.
Being the country of modest dimension, Israel characterized with different temperature in different regions, especially in the winter period. The coast line is characterized by typical continental climate, dry and hot in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter time.
The population of Israel increased after Second World War period because of the repatriation of Hebrews to their historical land from the Europe and Arabian countries, also from the republics of former USSR.
Mixed character of the Israelites culture is based on the diversity of population, came from all over the world brought their own culture and religion. Israel is only one country which proceeds by its own calendar; the official day-off is the Saturday, and it starts from the moment of sunset on Friday.
Israel includes 75 big and medium cities united in 7 administrative districts. Incomparable cities of Israel as Haifa, Nazareth, Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Ariel etc., are differing by its style and attracting the tourist to experience of their culture. And, especially tourists and religious from all over the world aspire to attend the Holy event in Jerusalem on Great Saturday when miraculous Holy Fire occurs at the Church of Holly Sepulture of Jesus.
The most prestigious orchestra is the Symphonic Orchestra of Israel, based in 30th and performing about 200 concerts per year. This is a great possibility for tourist- admirers of the classic music.
Every summer, since 1987 here is a Red Sea Jazz Festival, an international event.

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