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Car Rent in Georgia Tbilisi

Hello, dear visitors .
If you decide to come to the heart of the Caucasus into a beautiful and wonderful country of Georgia, you cannot manage without a car, because you will be interested to see the cultural centers of Georgia, you can discover the historical parts of the old city, you will find an interesting itinerary.
We can obviously say that our company is a leader in the list of rental companies and car hire companies.
Company Naniko rent a car offers you a wide range of services: We can advise you on the selection of machines to offer you personal qualified driver, offer interesting itineraries, offer you a guide, in order to have your trip to be more interesting.
Georgia is a developing country, the Georgian people are known for their kindness, if you’ve ever visited in our wonderful edges, we can confidently say that this trip you will remember for a lifetime, as in Georgia, guests are greeted with an open heart and an open mind, and see you off like a dear friends, with the hope that you will come back again.
On the trip you can enjoy views of the beautiful open spaces, landscapes, perhaps in the way you’ll want to stop and admire the breathtaking views of nature.
Car rental anywhere in Georgia
For the convenience of our customers, we have decided to open branches in the cities of Batumi and Kutaisi, to rent a car in Georgia was not an issue.
Kutaisi – one of the most important cities in Georgia, in the old times, the city was the seat of the Georgian kings, not a long time ago moved to Kutaisi parliament, as well as open the airport, which in turn will take flight around the world.
Company Naniko rent a car opened a branch in Kutaisi, October 1, 2012.
Batumi, Georgia Pearl
Batumi is known as a tourist center of Georgia.
In Batumi, can for a moment forget about all the troubles of modern life and enjoy the Black Sea.
In this city, the most beautiful and most memorable is sunset.
Do not believe me?
Order a car in Naniko rent a car and make sure that this is indeed the case.
If you are planning a romantic itinerary with your partner, you expect the most memorable trip, the doors to the pearl city of Batumi in Georgia for you is open, if you do not have the second half you will find it Owned in this wonderful city.
In the city where all the people give each other a smile, where the sun meets the sea, and we see off the sun with the Champaign.
Experience the charm of being in Georgia, call us and book your car rental in Georgia.
Visit us, we will always be happy to see you!
Company Naniko rent a car.


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