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Information About Countries and States:Naniko – Countries of the World

Luxembourg – a tax haven – the smallest and richest country in Europe

In Europe, Luxembourg amongst the affluent states, and is also known as a tax haven. Actually, numerous billionaires from other world choose to live in this country to be freed from the burden of taxes in their country of origin. Among the sources of income of Luxembourg is can be called telecommunications and steel industries.

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Norway – the richest country in the world

Although, in fact, the nation’s wealth is not determined only by the figures of GDP, so it is understandable why in the rating Legatum Prosperity Index 2010 on the first positions, are not the rich countries with major economic powers in the world: in fact, at first place is Norway, the second – Denmark, and third Finland.

The index calculates not only the wealth, the number of gross domestic product in the state, but also the standards of living of its citizens, freedom and business opportunities, the high-grade of schooling, furthermore  the level of freedom and health. So it's not just an arithmetic calculation to determine which the wealth and who earns more money, but the system takes into consideration a diversity of indicators that give a picture of a more complex (and more realistic) country in the global issue.

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About Denmark – the happiest country in the world

Support for families, gender equality, health, mutual responsibility, but also an abundance of bicycles and intimacy; therefore the people, led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt is on top of happiness!

To assign the title of the happiest country of world, a survey was conducted by the United Nations of 156 countries. Thus, Denmark has gained an enviable victory associated with a number of parameters that define the quality of life.

But how Denmark managed to stand out among all the developed, rich and democratic countries? Here are the answers.

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About Sweden – Wealth of culinary traditions and birthplace of Pippi Long stocking

Sweden, together with other Scandinavian countries, offers a great and pure nature and exotic flavors in a modern kitchen. From the far north of the Arctic Circle to the fertile plains of the southern tip (over 1500 km) in Sweden followed a completely different climate zones, characterized by a rich biodiversity of flora, fauna and traditions.

Culinary traditions of Sweden

n summer and autumn the Swedes of all ages gather mushrooms, forest fruits and vegetables of all kinds, respectively territory. Nature here presents an impressive variety of mushrooms, more than 500 kinds of fruit, berries and a lot of varieties of apples. In the forests and plains grow blueberries, wild strawberry, arctic berries, mountain ash, black elderberry, and many others. Some of them can be eaten fresh with milk or cream, while others are used for jam, marmalade or fruit syrups for the winter.

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About Scotland: country of Whiskey

Scotland is located northern of Great Britain. It`s surrounded by England, Northern sea, Atlantic ocean and Scottish sea. Scotland is not independent country but has own parliament. Residents are dreaming of independent of country. There were a lot of fights for freedom between England and Scotland. These wars were happening very often and it was hard for the residents. Scotch mainly used bow as weapon. Officially the language Scotland is English skotch speak their own language that sounds close to English. Blend is one of the most popular whiskeys.
Scotland the country of Whiskey

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About Andorra: Country of surprises

The independent principality of Andorra , this wonderful countries location is on the Iberian mountains , bordering nations are France & Spain . Andorra has a subtropical climate , much of it’s territory is in the mountainous region . Andorra’s size is so small that its capacity is similar to Monaco & San Marino. Its name consists of two words , Ando above the mean , while the ore – iron . Country is rich in iron ore , and that is why it was called Andorra . Andorra is one of the World ‘s Smallest country known.
Andorra is a democratic parliamentary government, the legislature is united parliament Board. The total number of the population is 71.8 thousand , the majority of Spaniards and French people live in Andorra . The official language is Catalan , other spoken languages are Spanish & French. Religion is Catholicism , Roman Catholic Churches greatly influenced the religious culture of this country . Andorra la Vela is the capital city.

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About Greece: Country of Myths

Greece – located in southern Europe, is a democratic country led by the President and the government.
The name comes from the Greek tribe Grim living in Italy.
Greece’s highest mountain peak point is Mount Olympus. The Neighboring countries are : Albania , Bulgaria, Turkey . It is surrounded by three seas: Aegean , Mediterranean and Ionian. Greece is on the twentieth place in the world for its large coastlines. Famous resort areas : Crete, Rhodes , Corfu ….
If you ever dreamed of a land of myths and legends , you should go to Greece. The country is rich in ancient civilization , beautiful beaches, national dance and cuisine ……

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About Spain: Country of Flamenco

Spain is located in the southeast of Europe, neighboring countries are: France , Portugal , Andorra . Its capital Madrid.
Monarchical country of Spain , the Kingdom of the population is diverse , minority Basques , Catalans , has a population of 45.8 million. The official language is Spanish, Religion Catholicism .
The mountainous regions of Spain ranks second place in Europe, after Switzerland, it’s are characterized by cold winters, Snowfall, cool summers . Spain is well known, the fact that there is mostly sunny climate.
There are many small -sized rivers in Spain, is rich in flora, Canary islands has about 8000 species of plants.
Plays an important role in economic life in the service sector , mainly tourism, it plays an important role in the development of the industry , modernization of industries . Spain ranks first in the production of olive , also developing : agribusiness, shipbuilding , mechanical engineering.

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About France: Country of love

France , as a muse for many poets and writers. Country in which you can implement is any your whim .
In Paris you can enjoy a stroll along the Champs Elysees , where there are many cafes , restaurants, luxury shops , theaters and museums . Watch shimmering at night Eiffel Tower , known to the world as the symbol of France , sipping a hot cup of coffee with a delicious French croissants. Don’t miss the chance to visit Louvre in Paris, if you don’t visit it, it’s mean you don’t see anything worthwhile , the former royal palace . The museum, which covers by its exhibits history of the whole world. Just in the Louvre you can see the Portrait of Lisa Gioconda . Stroll on the most aristocratic street Montmartre on its narrow old streets . See the power of the Arc de Triomphe , built by order of Napoleon in the honor of his army’s victories. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral, built in the Gothic style and read the eponymous novel by Victor Hugo .

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About Denmark: Royal Country

Denmark is a small beautiful country, alot of tourist attractions , where you can walk perfectly, their is very active night life, many cafes and night clubs. Visitors of all ages can experience fun in Denmark.

The word ” Denmark ” , is carved into the famous Ellingskih stones ( c. 900 AD ) , a history traced to the Viking Age and is the first mentioned name of the country , found within Denmark itself . In the XIII and XVII centuries, Denmark recognized power to whom the influence was comparable to the influence of the major European countries. Today the historical situation is somewhat different. The current size of the country and the measurment of its influence in the international arena are the result of four hundred stories of forced abandonment of the right to ownership of land , invasions and lost battles. However , Denmark is the leader country in various fields, including design, architecture , agriculture, “green” technology and pharmaceutical producing.

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