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Amsterdam is a wonderful city of canals and fields of blooming tulips

Amsterdam is amongst the smallest capitals in Europe where everything is compactly and conveniently located close to each other so that for the numerous tourists coming here it is easy not to lose sight of the most preferred sights of the city. You can easily organize yourself so that even moving on the bike, public transport or rented car will be able to see everything from the monuments of the 17th centenary to the interesting elements of modern Dutch life. You will not be disappointed if you will take a tour by bicycle, to discover the hidden beauty of the city, especially since the bikes are almost an integral part of Amsterdam, without which the city even loses its charm.

In short, Amsterdam is that kind of place which able to steal your heart from the very beginning with its fresh air, canals and echoes of distant history. The beautiful buildings and suspension bridges combined with the immerse fields of blooming tulips are simply breathtaking.

Amsterdam attracts many tourists’ attention both during the day and in the evening. Launching a cruise on the canals at sundown you will be amazed how the city changes its face in the twilight and manifest many wonderful nuances hidden in the daytime. At sunset, you will see how the city lulled by the lapping of the water and sinking in soft colors of the descending sun is shrouded in some unrealistic tranquility, which seizes also you.

A distinctive feature of Amsterdam are large parks, one of which is Vounderlpark, immersed in the vibrant colors of tulips. Here you can relax in the shadow of thick trees and breathe clean air.

An inalienable part of the tour in Amsterdam is the visit of museums and galleries, which include the famous Van Gogh Museum, where you can enjoy the immortal masterpieces of the Dutch artist. The museum is divided into three sections and series traces the main stages of the life and work of the master.

Another important and popular is the home of the Flemish art and Rijkmjuseum Museum located near the Van Gogh Museum. Here you can see the works of the most famous artists of the Flemish art.

Immerse yourself in the world of beauty and immortal wonders strolling through the streets of Amsterdam!

During the visit of Amsterdam many do not miss the chance to visit at least for the sake of the legendary red light district. You can also visit the first in the world condom shop and museum of prostitution. Shop specializing in the sale of condoms is located in the Warmoesstraat, on one of the oldest streets of Amsterdam and here you can admire the colorful collection of hand-painted condoms, also presented a small museum. When the store was opened in the 80s, its purpose was to challenge the main taboo of prevention and contraception, but to date this store and prostitution museum turned into something like the Institute of Contemporary History of sexuality.

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