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Athens as the cradle of ancient civilization

It is difficult to find a better place for the discovery of Greece, then Athens, which is with its dynamism and ancient monuments attract millions of tourists a year. Athens is a place that gives you a clear idea of how the ancient Western civilization was born. As in that classic period it was the most significant and powerful city of Greece, Athens was the first Greek city-states introduced and developed the concept of democracy to allow its citizens to play an active role in government.

The first thing that every visitor wish to see in Athens is the Acropolis, towering over the town on 156 meters above sea level. In fact, the name is Akro Poli and means city that placed on top. Once it was the religious center of the Greek capital and, accordingly, here are preserved many churches, among which the most famous is the Parthenon. The famous Parthenon stands in the core of the Acropolis and the sanctuary is dedicated to the goddess Athena and encircled by a colonnade of Doric.

Here, around the Acropolis have been found the evidences of prehistoric settlements of 3000 BC and according to legend, a modern city is the result of union the local tribes, which took place at the behest of the first and the legendary king of Athens, Theseus, in 1230 BC.

Introduction to the history of Athens is the most important moments of learning and explains the emotions that cover watching the ancient city, which is a great human heritage, the birthplace of the gods, the place that gave humanity the greatest philosophers.

Athens is a very big city and just the central district has more than 3.5 million inhabitants. It is surrounded by three mountains, Ymettos, Parnitha and The Pendeli, while the city center is built on a dozen hills, on which stand the historic Acropolis, Areopagus and Parnitha, and then spread toward the ancient port of Piraeus, which is one of the largest and busiest in the Mediterranean.

Although in this city every corner breathes of history, Athens is also able to offer a modern range of entertainment of the boiling life of the capital, many night clubs where you can listen the music of all kinds, ranging from traditional folk music and up to the new trends.

Feel the spirit of antiquity and the modern trends during your exciting trip to Athens!

After study the history of numerous monuments and museums, many tourists do not miss an opportunity to visit the Plaka area where you can make interesting purchases. It should be noted that, in contrast to other world capitals, Athens offers a fairly low price.

Another place among the ancient monuments to visit is an ancient Agora or market, in the vicinity of which you can also admire the Temple of Hephaestus and Attalus.

Just a few meters away from the Agora seen the Roman Forum where you can also see the Tower of the Winds with a 12-meter-high marble tower, which has 8 meters in width.

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