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Austin – the town of the Capitol and the Texas University

Visiting Austin, you get the feeling that this place is filled with live music, and this is in fact so. It is impossible to count the number of pubs with live music and music bands, and do not plunge into fun of Sixth Street, which in the days of the festival becomes completely pedestrian and turns into one huge music scene in the open air. Here you can see antique shops, tattoo parlors, music studios and taco bars everywhere that make Austin one of America’s most fun and unique cities. Hippie’s spirit in the air does everything else and magic is accomplished – you are irrevocably in love with this charming and bustling city!


Austin, the capital of Texas, is disposed on the river Colorado and is the significant commercial center in the region, with developed sectors of the textile, food and footwear industries. The city is full of numerous attractions of all kinds, which should not be overlooked.


Most tourists are primarily eager to visit the Government House, Capitol. This giant building was constructed in the style of the Italian Renaissance between 1882 and 1888. In the surrounding garden you can admire the statues of historical figures and brave soldiers who died in the famous battles, and at the top stands the statue of the Goddess of Freedom. The access to the building is free and it is possible to see the House of Representatives and the Senate, also visit the mosaic terrace, which features of six state flags. Really impressive is the huge staircase leading to the upper floors, along the walls of which hang portraits of all the governors of the state.


Austin really deserves to be appreciated and for this many travelers resort to such a means of moving as a car rental or rent a bicycle to cover as many interesting places and attractions as possible. Thus, you can go to the lake near the city, which impresses with its flora and fauna. Here you can relax, watch the birds or take a boat trip.


Relax in the bosom of nature and enjoy the vibrant sounds of music on your trip to Austin!


You should definitely visit the fantastic reserve at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, where you can enjoy a view of typical Texas wildflowers, stroll through the wilderness, visit exhibitions of photographs and compositions made by masters with flowers and various herbs.

Before leaving the city, it is worth a visit to the Texas Armed Forces Museum. This is a huge exhibition of all military weapons, telling about the history of Texas from 1823 to the present day. In various halls you can see collections of armaments of the National Guard of Texas and the Air Forces of the National Guard used in different historical periods.

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