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Baltimore – the independent city of Maryland

Many travelers, when planning a trip to the United States, do not consider Baltimore as a tourist destination and may only make a short stop here on their way from New York to Washington. In fact, having stayed here even for a few days, you can find that Baltimore offers many interesting sights and is able do not disappoint anyone.
Baltimore is disposed in the north-western part of Maryland and is the most populous of its city, with a population of 740,000 people. Geographically, the city is placed near the Chesapeake Bay, not so long from the banks of the river Patapsko, and crossed from north to south by the axial Charles Street.
Baltimore is listed among the oldest cities of the US, having a key role in the history of the country, and also having a strong local identity, that significantly differs it from many other American towns. At the same time it is a port city closely connected with the sea, and staying here for a while, you can find the charm of the city’s bright colors and strong contrasts. The city is also called Charm-city due to its retro-charm and the inborn enchantment of its inhabitants.

Find out more interesting places and plunge into the attractiveness of Charm-City, making a trip to Baltimore!

A visit to Baltimore can begin from the port, which has long been the heart of the city, where you can stroll along the embankments admiring the moored boats, then relax and have a tasty lunch at restaurants overlooking the sea, go shopping, where very special things are sold, for example, related only with crabs or just with an amazing variety of sweets. Definitely worth a visit Odditorium, on the facade of which is depicted a green dragon. This is a kind of symbiosis of the museum and Freakshow, where frightening rarities are exhibited from all corners of the world, such as wrinkled heads, a mask from human skin and other.

A very original means of transportation is a water taxi, which is a public transport system, with the joy of being welcomed by all travelers, as it allows you to travel by boat at the port of Baltimore at a very economical price and tourists get the opportunity to see the city from the sea. The water taxi has several stops in the inner harbor and at points such as Locust Point, Canton Waterfront Park and Fells Point.
The very special particularity of the city is the crab dishes, which are prepared according on dozens of different recipes and are offered in hundreds of restaurants of the highest service, and they can also be purchased at street food kiosks. There are various popular types of cooking crabs, but typical are crab cakes and pies offered at fast food outlets, while restaurants offer the most exquisite options.


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