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Batumi as an evidence of beauty and an exotic place of Georgia

This elegant city is encircled by the green hills, with its magnificent architecture and boulevard along the waterfront, for many can recall the best Mediterranean resorts, but with its own distinctive and very special charm. Being the center of the region of Georgia, Adjara, Batumi is placed on the Black Sea coast and is an important business center also a welcoming place for vacations. By virtue of its history and geographical position the populace of the city is quite multinational and apart of indigenous Georgians here live also the other nationalities in the different periods attracted by the charm of the town and settled here as the immigrants, such as Armenians, Russian, Turkish and others.

Walking through the historic center, you can feel everywhere the aroma of freshly ground coffee intertwined with the splendid aroma of citrus, meanwhile in recently renovated quarters can enjoy exotic modernist architectural structures and an abundance of entertainment.

Batumi is the target destination for many tourists coming from near or far abroad who annually choose it for their holidays in the sunny and beautiful beaches and to have fun in the pleasant and entertaining atmosphere of Batumi.

Travel in Batumi and enjoy the most exciting and extraordinary place without boundaries!

Batumi is admitted as an ideal destination for sea tourism, but not only. It has an interesting and multifaceted history harmoniously intertwined with the modern trends, where you can visit the town center in a European style, or the ancient fortress of the first centenary to spend a great day in the botanical garden, or in the famous park. This exciting place provides visitors with a wondeful views and a broad variety of rare plants, including more than 5,000 species of flowering plants brought here from all over the world, and in the air is the smell of cypress, magnolia, oleander mixed with aromas of lemon and orange trees.

And for all this splendor is the most precious edging is the traditional Georgian hospitality, incomparably delicious Georgian food and wine, and infinitely rich traditions of the country.

Architecture of Batumi is of very light colors and mostly prevails even the white color, which creates a great contrast with the dense subtropical vegetation and exactly this unusual contrast that creates original landscapes and as a magnet attract tourists both from the whole of Georgia and foreign countries.

Gonio Fortress, as noted above, refers to the first century and was a significant fort during the Roman Byzantine rule. Is has a close connection with the history of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece and there were notes about how the famous German archaeologist Schliemann was fascinated by the distinguish beauty of this area.

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