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Boston – a splendid metropolis, full of culture and history

If you ask any American which city of United States is the cultural and scientific capital of the country, everyone will answer without hesitation – Boston.
As the real economic and commercial point of reference in the northeastern part of United States, Boston is a true laboratory, where form and develop the best minds of the planet. Perhaps not many people know that in Boston are the most important and most prestigious American universities, which include Harvard and the MIT, that’s why the whole territory of the region enjoys an incomparable cultural richness. In addition to this, it is this area that inhabited by the wealthiest residents in the country and it is the third American city, after San Francisco and New York, in terms of income per capita. In fact, thanks to a thriving and consolidated financial performance, particularly in the area of ​​health research and technology, Boston is considered amongst the most important and richest cities in the world.

Visit of Boston will not disappoint anyone, here everyone will find entertainment of interest. For young people looking for entertainment and fun, here is full expanse, as there are plenty of pubs, bars and places where you can listen to blues, rock and jazz, also visit the great concerts of artists with international name.
No less importance has the passion of Bostonians for sport, particularly the basketball, thanks to the well-known local basketball team of Boston Celtics, which won its fame in the 80’s of last century, thanks to the talents of Larry Bird or memorable problems with Magic Johnson. And in honor of the player Larry Bird was cast in bronze copy of his basketball shoes in original size.

In terms of geographical location, Boston is disposed very strategically, which contributes to its active relations with Europe.
Tourists visiting this city, of course, will not miss the chance to pass the “path of freedom”, about 3 miles in length, which corresponds to about four kilometers. In this way you can see all the major historical sites of the city, and the path is marked with red bricks or red highlighted line that runs along the road.

Already now, you can feel in Boston the atmosphere determined to win and high hopes for the Olympic Games in 2024. In fact, the city has been officially notified of the decision of the United States, the fact that this beautiful university city will be the home of the world-famous Olympic Games.
In fact, Boston managed to be awarded of such a high honor, and ahead of such important rivals like Los Angeles, which has twice hosted the Winter Olympic Games, and also the capital of Washington. In this victory contributed also a special passion for the sport, which reigns everywhere here, and everything is already running high in anticipation of the most famous marathon in the world.

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