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Budapest is a city of rich soul and underground caves

This magical city is a combination of the two historic towns, in the heart of which splashes with its mighty waves the river Danube. Modern Pest is full of shops, upscale restaurants, hotels and nightclubs, while Buda with deeper historical roots and Roman origin currently concentrates the most famous monuments of the city. Right in the center of the Danube is a beautiful green area of Budapest – Margaret Island, which is an oasis of pleasure and relaxation in the sea of nowadays.

Budapest irresistibly attracts and enchants with the charm of its architecture, slightly melancholic and slightly solemn.

In order to quickly acclimatize to the atmosphere of the city and start exploring its monuments, of course you have to begin a tour from the center. Walking through the beautiful Andrassy Avenue, you can see buildings such as the National Opera House, Heroes Square with the Millennium Monument, the Academy of Music and the University of Fine Arts.

Budapest, with its numerous historical monuments, magnificent palaces and lively squares offers visitors a variety of opportunities.

What can be noticed with a glance is that in Budapest architecture wonderfully combines elements of various styles, cultures and eras. This city is amongst the few European capitals that provide specially protected natural parks and resorts that are ideal for relaxation. This culturally vibrant and modern city is rightly called the Eastern Paris.

The incomparable beauty has the Royal Palace Kiralyi Palota which is placed in the south of Buda on a hill and offers unparalleled views of the city. Today inside the palace disposed the several museums.

Among amazing entertainments of Budapest can be noticed a trip along the Danube, which brings to your holiday the relaxing and romantic elements, where you can admire the beauty of the bridge, including the most renowne of them the Chain Bridge that connects Buda and Pest. This oldest bridge of the city has a special charm in the evening when lit up.

Do not miss all the charm and gorgeous place during your journey in the capital of Hungary Budapest!

Budapest Parliament Building is the largest building in the country and is located on the embankment of the Danube on the Pest side. Among other interesting buildings should be noted Basilica of St. Stephen, which offers breathtaking views of the city, the Synagogue in Dohany Váci and others.

Budapest is famous for its thermal springs, number of which is over a hundred, and which in the past led to the construction of the resorts here.

An interesting fact is that under Budapest is a complex of system of caves that are more than 200. The caves were formed due to the sources from which feed the baths today. Most of these caves were discovered in the early twentieth century. Only two of Budapest Caves can be visited with ease and both are disposed on the Buda side.

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