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Copenhagen – the most attractive and environmentally friendly city in the world

Yes, in fact, recognized as the most suitable for life, and environmentally friendly capital, with an efficient and comfortable infrastructure and beautiful sights is the largest Scandinavian city of Copenhagen. And understanding all of the above mentioned and in particular, the special ecological purity comes immediately as soon as you landing at its airport has seen dozens of wind turbines, testifying to full readiness of Denmark to apply any force to clean the air from emissions and pollution.

The city center from the airport can be reached in 13 minutes thanks to Fleet train. The first thing that many wish to see, studying the sight of Copenhagen – is the oldest amusement park Tivoli, which presents an amazing spectacle of sound and music show on the water.
Walking along the canal before you cross the bridge, meets Christianshavn district, where among the colorful buildings and alleys with thick trees grow in front of you erased the Church of the Savior of very special architecture with gold-plated elements. From this point open the magnificent 360 – degree panorama of the entire city.

Among the most recognizable Copenhagen characters should note the old port of the 17th-century Nyhavn, where appear typical colorful houses and where you can enjoy a relaxing break while sipping a cocktail or tasting culinary specialties of Denmark in the cozy bar or restaurant – smørrebrød, which is bread with Danish meat, salmon or herring.

Make a trip to Copenhagen, which gives a lot of impressions and enthusiastic memories!

Continuing the exploration of symbolic sites and attractions of the city, it is possible to achieve a military fortification Kastellet, where in the midst of shady green space nestled on its pedestal the famous Mermaid.
In the center of Copenhagen there is a medieval square, still preserved almost in the original style in spite of the numerous fires. On Nitorv area, behind the closed walls of medieval Copenhagen was a lively center where to the pillory chained the convicts before hone for many years or forever in prison.

Certainly worth a visit and admire the building of the University, founded in 1440, for the opening of which the King specifically requested permission of the Pope. It studied the great minds and personalities here, who subsequently became the authors of the Lutheran Reformation on Danish soil. You can see the round tower, peering from the top of the old, but still functioning observatory.

Continuing to walk can reach the Square of the Franciscans, which is someway reminiscent of the squares in Zurich or Basel. Here, prior to the reform it was a monastery, later destroyed and from which is now only left the cellar. In the old port, where once was a fish market is the great equestrian statue of Bishop Absalon, founder of the city around 1100.


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