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Denver – an amazing Mile High City of Colorado

We used to imagine that America is first of all neon lights, great cars, men in suits and high-rise skyscrapers. But there is another America where the environment is completely different and welcomes us with its dusty streets of cities, endless territories and spectacular views. The city of Denver, in the state of Colorado, is just one of such great places where you can discover America, so different from the usual stereotypes, where you will find a great vacation and a lot of exciting. Denver is disposed at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level and is surrounded from all sides by beautiful mountains and colorful plateaus alternating with canyons and irresistible and swift streams. Along with this, it remains a modern city, with its own special charm and style, so different from other major cities in North America.
You will find yourself in a classic modern American city filled with freshness, the center of which is an impressive collection of skyscrapers, the backdrop of which is the beautiful horizon of the Rocky Mountains and Front Range.

Being the capital of the state of Colorado, Denver has traditionally been associated with the history and myths of the Far West, being founded in 1858 in connection with the establishing of the railway. In terms of tourism, Denver is often seen as a starting point for many excursions to explore Colorado. Front Range and the Rocky Mountains, crossing in the longitudinal direction of the whole of Colorado, are so grandiose that the Alps in comparison with them seem only small pyramids. The highest peak here reaches more than 4400 meters. The breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains gives a sense of how much nature is immense and gives a wonderful sense of belonging to something big.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of natural attractions and feel its grandeur on your trip to Denver!

Do not miss the chance to visit the National Park “Rocky Mountains”, where you can enjoy the pristine beauty of crystal clear lakes, fauna, rich in deer, moose and foxes, luxurious vegetation of pines and birches. Here you can enjoy the ski resorts even in the warm spring months.

Be sure to visit Chestman Park, which gives an opportunity to spend an unforgettable day with your family, where in the big green areas, among the flowers you can enjoy a good picnic. There is also the Pavilion of Butterflies, which present more than three thousand samples of butterflies, the appearance of which is simply amazing.

In many restaurants of the city you can try almost all kinds of cuisines of the world, also taste the best wines of Colorado. Evening time can be spent in cozy bars or in the famous Starbucks, choosing one of the many types of hot drinks, enjoying it surrounded by thousands of lights above your head!

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