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Detroit – the city of the avant-garde automobile and agricultural movement of America

Detroit is a city disposed in the state of Michigan and is a symbol of American industrial power, which is undoubtedly confirmed by the story of three automobile plants – General Motors, Chrysler and Ford, which have become a formative part of the history of the American dream. Everyone remembers the stories about the places where worked the artists of Motown – the record company of black music, also the images of kilometers of terraced houses in the suburbs, typical of Detroit. To date, this all has become just a legend.
“Requiem of Detroit” – under this title was presented a documentary film by Julien Templ at the Film Festival in Turin, a film that pays tribute to the now defunct world automobile capital. Since the time when Henry Ford released its first T model and until the day of the latest state-of-the-art off-road vehicle, Detroit has undergone through large stages of housing construction and urban changes. For the last ten years the population of the city has decreased by half and now counts just six hundred thousand inhabitants. It is known that from 1970 to 2000, 161,000 old houses were demolished, and many of the remaining ones resemble only the shadow of oneself.

Despite the fact that on the outskirts of the city you can see pictures of abandoned houses and weed-ridden gardens, the streets of Detroit witnessed some of the most important moments of American history. Starting from the struggle of workers for the rights of the Negroes and until the birth of large suburbs, created to attract workers to plants and allowing people to leave the city center and live in comfortable homes closer to work.

Learn more about the formation of American history when you travel to Detroit!

Despite the fact that the city is more famous in industrial terms, Detroit is also rich in art and culture. You can start your tour with a visit of the central business cycle, where there is a People Mover, a kind of subway in the open air. It is also interesting to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts, located between Farnsworth Avenue and Kirby Street and is listed among the most beautiful museums in the world, where you can see the works of famous artists who have formed the history of painting over the past two centuries. Here you can admire the works of Matisse, Rembrandt, Picasso and Van Gogh. Also, do not miss the chance to visit The Detroit Industry, Diego Rivera’s wall painting.
Among the many interesting things that can be done in Detroit, it’s worthwhile to dedicate a time for a visit to the Motown Museum, the old Hitsville USA, where Diane Ross, Stevie Wonder and others recorded their first music works that gained fame.
And of course, as in most major American cities, there is no shortage of skyscrapers in Detroit either. The Fisher Building designed by Albert Kahn in 1928 is considered to be a commercial building of the United States of America.

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