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Frankfurt – the European Capital of Finance

Germany has always attracted millions of tourists every year and among the most visited cities it is imperative to note Frankfurt, placed in the south-west of the country on the Main river, which gave the name to the city. Frankfurt combining all the features of the economically advanced cities and medieval architecture provides that fantastic reality such closely associated with the culture and traditions.
Frankfurt or as it is ironically called by the Germans, Bankfurt is the capital of European finance, which is the most important stock exchange in Germany and the European Central Bank.

At first glance, it is a cosmopolitan metropolis, full of skyscrapers, where live 180 different nationalities and the part of the foreign population is 25%. In a more detailed study you can see the strong contrasts between the old and the new coexisting in a single whole making it more unique. Frankfurt which is also the birthplace of Goethe, brings a strong commitment to culture, which is also evident in the numerous museums. Like most German cities, Frankfurt also had suffered of significant damage during the war, but despite this the city was able to be reborn again retaining its unique historical charm.

The list of city’s attractions headed by perfectly preserved Altstadt or Old Town. Starting from Römerberg, the untouched by time Cathedral, it is possible to go on a study of this fascinating area. Frankfurt is famous for its museums, the majority of which is located along the River Main. The rapid development of the business landscape contributes to the fact that Frankfurt is full of life all year round and at any time you can find an interesting cultural event.

Immerse yourself in the reality of the beautiful city and explore all the interesting aspects of the financial capital of Europe – Frankfurt am Main!

Dividing the tour into three steps, you can first discover the part of Frankfurt which is full of skyscrapers of 70 floors, where from the top you can admire the picturesque town line. Nearby is the so-called Zeil, where are concentrated the main shopping centers and the skyscrapers of glass and metal give their special greatness.

The second stage of your journey in Frankfurt can be a visit of the city museums, most of which are disposed along the embankment of the Main and this fact gave its name of Museum Embankment. This wise decision to invest in the museum space is really unprecedented.

The final part of the visit, you can spend for the night life entertainment that the city offers abundant. The Coast Lane is full of bars and restaurants that are open most of the night, which attracts tourists and locals to have fun and enjoy the taste of German beer.

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