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Indianapolis – the city of the famous track of Formula 1

Indianapolis as a metropolis of the state of Indiana, is disposed between Cincinnati and Chicago, and also the center of the county of Marion. The city is also disposed in the most important agricultural plains of the United States, namely, in the so-called corn belt. With a population of about 800,000 inhabitants, Indianapolis ranks as third among the largest cities in the Midwest. Here you can find numerous  interesting things to visit, including the Indianapolis Museum of Art. But the town is most famous for its racing track. Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosts the most famous races in the automotive world, which in 2011 celebrated its centenary. This Speedway is a symbol of the city that brought the fame all over the world. In addition to the famous Indianapolis 500 race, the Formula 1 race, there are also held the world championships. Fans of motor sport will not miss the chance to visit the Indy Museum of Fame, the museum of cars, where you can see about 75 models of cars, allowing to trace the history of the renown races.

Speaking of museums and places to visit, it should be mentioned that for the youngest visitors the interesting place will be the city zoo with thousands of animals, also the Aquarium of Indiana. Here you can see an impressive show of dolphins, the most beautiful one in the world.

Visit interesting sights and enjoy the atmosphere of freedom in the American city of Indianapolis!

Numerous tourists who visit the city, strive to make a lot of photos for memory, which on returning home can be considered tirelessly, remembering the pleasant days of rest. As a suitable place to start a tour is considered by many to be the center, where the most significant Monument circle is erased, which is also depicted on the city’s flag.

This monument to soldiers and sailors was the highest one in the city and under the existing law no building should exceed it. And that was so until the construction of the Chase Tower, which is now the highest skyscraper in the city.

In the Indiana Avenue District you can visit artists’ workshops, historical sight, art galleries, restaurants and museums. This area was once the heart of the African-American population of the city and was considered the center of black jazz, which attracted the largest artists.

In the Art Museum of Indianapolis, you can enjoy the works of various European artists, among them there are the works of Rodin, Picasso, Gauguin, Monet and Modigliani. Meanwhile, the Children’s Museum presents a park of skeletons of dinosaurs in real sizes, also an antique carousel.

In Indianapolis, you can navigate through various means of transport, but many effectively use car rental services, which can be discovered in many points of the city.

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