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Kansas City – everything you can see in the big city of Missouri

The American state of Missouri takes its name from the Indian tribe the Siouan of Missouri, which in translation means a canoe. As the largest and most crowded city in the state, Kansas City has a populace of 450,000 inhabitants, which reaches one and a half million, taking into account the adjacent city belonging to the state of Kansas. In fact, the city is called a double metropolis, it is characterized by an unusual appearance, because it is divided into two sub-cities belonging to two different states and delimited by the streams of the same named rivers of Missouri and Kansas.

The history of Kanzas-city dates back to the time of visiting the territories at the beginning of the eighteenth century by Etienne De Venier and Sier de Borgmont, the first Europeans which come to these lands overlooking the lower part of the Missouri River. Years later, completing the positive momentum gained after joining the independence movement, as for many American cities, a painful period of years of civil war, bloody battles and discussions between the Confederate ranks began for Kansas City. Already after the war and for many decades, Kansas City began to experience a period of significant boom in terms of economic and demographic development, which led to its notable increase in scale. This period took place at the beginning of the twentieth century, which is also associated with the architectural transformation of the city, thanks to the projects of Giorgio Kessler, which changed the center, equipped it with wide boulevards and public parks placed in it.

Explore the contrasts and images associated with the Far West while visiting the magnificent Kansas City!

You do not need much imagination to immediately perceive and understand the timeless attractiveness of Kansas City, which cannot bother you with its active life, magnificent English parks, boulevards, beautiful museums and public buildings of exquisite beauty.

To the North of the city center, in areas that overlook the Missouri River, you can find a large market, where the Westport Landing shopping area used to be. But, if before there were brick warehouses, today there is no shortage of attractive restaurants in the style of the seventies, and where there was a city market in the thirties, now there is a long line of shops, stalls with a wide variety of goods.

Here you can visit the interesting museum of the Arab steamer, made inside the ship sunk in 1856.

It is also worth visiting the Kansas City Museum, which is disposed in a villa of 19th centenary in the prestigious district and in 50 halls it contains interesting exhibitions telling about the evolution of the city, the process of its transformation from small factor into the most important railway and agricultural center.

Among the most important museums is the National Toy Museum and Miniature Museum, located between Oak Street and 52nd Street, which offers magnificent collections of old toys.

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