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Larnaca – a city of natural beauty, crystal clear waters and fascinating history

Disposed on the southern littoral of the isle of Cyprus, a small town of Larnaca is predominantly topical and popular tourist destination, providing travelers and tourists with its beautiful beaches, suitable for lovers of the sea and water sports. Its populace is about 145 000 inhabitants. Not only the sea is the pride of Larnaca, but also the beautiful nature and interesting sights as the ancient history and culture was centered here. Near the town can be discovered a small lake, where in the winter live the various types of winter migratory birds and in summer it is covered with beautiful white crust of salt, glittering in the sun.

For centuries Larnaca survived the many wars and destructions. During the period of Byzantine domination it received the actual name. Active period of development of the Larnaca began with its conquest by the Genoese in 1373. At the same time here was built the port Skala, which to this day is the true symbol of the city, surrounded by palm alley and a line of modern cafes and restaurants.
Larnaca has a lot to offer its visitors. You can simply stroll through the winding streets and discover a large number of craft workshops, for which it seems that time has stopped.

Closer to the center, you can see the magnificent church of San Lazaro, built by Byzantine Emperor Leo VI and at the moment is the best instance of Byzantine art in the whole Cyprus.
Not far from the lake erected Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, which is an important place of worship for Muslims. Here is the tomb of Umm Haram, which according to legend was the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad.

Get a great vacation in Larnaca, amidst a harmony of the sea, art and history!

Larnaca has a really great charm and relaxation that you can get cannot be compared with anything else. The picturesque streets leading to various quarters, bring you to local taverns where you can taste typical dishes of national cuisine and walking contribute to the discovery of innumerous interesting things.
Boulevard, planted with palm trees, stretches along the coast and is the place of focus of many tourists and boaters, in a word is the most lively and fun place in the city.
But there is no doubt you can also find a quiet and comfortable place where you can perfectly relax enjoying the views of the Mediterranean Sea.

An interesting information for tourists may be the fact that Larnaca hotels offer excellent comfort and high level of services. As a rule, the beaches on the island are open to public. Here you can enjoy a variety of water sports, a diving clubs usually located right on the beaches.
Take into account that the stores and shopping malls are closed on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday.

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