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Louisville – the city of the famous Kentucky Derby

Louisville, which was the most important center of river transport during the conquests of the Wild West, even to this day is the largest city of Kentucky, with a population exceeding 550 thousand inhabitants, and is also the center of Jefferson County. It is disposed on the border of Kentucky and Indiana, near the Ohio River and Iguazu Falls. Louisville is known for his Kentucky Derby, drawing the attention of millions of fans since 1875 to Churchill Downs. This is a beautiful place where you can spend a few days relaxing, walking along the beautiful promenade and interesting quarters and visiting various museums.

The first stone to the foundation of the city was laid in 1779 by George Rogers Clark, and its name was chosen in honor of the greatness of the King of France Louis XVI, whose troops helped the Americans during the war. At the end of the bloody conflicts, between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Louisville began his phase of the unbelievable growth, which continues to this day.

In the south side of the modern city stretches Old Louisville, where the largest concentration of houses in the Victorian style. The city is enriched by a series of green zones and beautiful parks, which were developed in the last decade of the nineteenth century. It will not be an exaggeration if among the main attractions will be named the Louisville Baseball Museum, where you can see authentic baseball bats. Meanwhile, not so far from here is the Frazier Museum, where an interesting collection of British and American weapons is stored, and images of bloody battles are so realistic that can even scare children.

The huge Muhammad Ali Center represents a tribute of the city to his most beloved and famous son. Here you will find exciting films about Ali’s life, recordings of his most famous battles and exhibitions devoted to racial segregation and humanitarian issues that affected the heart and mind of a famous person.

If you travel to Louisville with children, then definitely worth a visit to the Science Center of Louisville, where exhibited interactive exhibits, as well as IMAX cinema.
Then you can walk or rent a car in the neighborhood of Old Louisville and immerse yourself in the Victorian era, watching extraordinary historical buildings open to visitors.
The most important symbol of Louisville is Churchill Downs, the largest horse site in the country, where the famous Kentucky Derby are held every year. It takes place on the first Saturday of May, and the seats are booked for many years in advance. Inside the hippodrome complex there is an interesting museum of Kentucky Derby with an exhibition dedicated to this great event. Here you can see an interesting picture of how a female audience wears wide-brimmed hats and languidly sipping a mint julep freezes in anticipation to see which of the horses will make its rich owner even richer.


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