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Journey to the unforgettable capital of Belarus Minsk

It can certainly be said that the main city of Belarus, Minsk for today is amongst the most exciting cities in eastern Europe. Here are impressive many things, from the extraordinary history, a massive Soviet-style architecture and up to the green parks and eccentric natives. In short, the Minsk is simply unforgettable.

The area occupied by the city is approximately of 308 square kilometers and has a populace of about 1,900,000 inhabitants.

The climate here is pretty cool, but visiting Minsk in the most appropriate season, you can admire the many museums, monuments and churches, also here is the famous University, composed of 12 different faculties.

The town’s name in translation from the Belarusian means of barter, since the city was founded in 1067, had always played a significant role in trade and commercial issues.

Minsk is visited annually by millions of tourists, attracted by an interesting history here, during of which the city has gone through various stages of foreign domination, the loss and destructions of war and much more.

In order to not miss the most exciting attractions, a very practical solution is the presence of Minsk map that details the objects of interest. These maps are approachable in travel agencies and book stalls.

Visit Minsk in complete freedom, easily guiding for any routes!

It can be noted that unluckily, the historic center of Minsk suffered vastly during the Second World War, when the city was almost completely destroyed, and literally rose from the ashes. Main Street attracts attention with its unique architecture and buildings of the Stalin era.

A remarkable and a must to visit are the Church of St. Simon and St. Helena, which often will mentioned as the Red Church.

Many beauteous places can be discovered in the surroundings of Minsk. For example, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, disposed between the villages Oserzo and Strocitsi, where you can get a real idea of what was the life of people in Belarus in the previous centuries.

Just 27 km away from Minsk situated a small town of Zaslavl, in the territory of which is a historical and cultural museum and Zaslavl National Park. Inside the park you can find Zaslavsky Castle, and Church of the Blessed Virgin and the Transfiguration. It also opened the Museum and exhibition complex and ethnographic exhibition of Mlyn.

Also in the region of Minsk you can visit the palace and the park of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh, founded in 1583 on the orders of Prince Radziwill of Nesvizh. For several centuries of its existence, this complex was renovated several times and is a symbiosis of architectural styles such as the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, and in presence is also the elements of the neo-Gothic style.

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