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New Orleans – the capital of jazz and the place of biggest festivals in the world

Perhaps many do not even know exactly where New Orleans is on the map of the US, knowing only about that it is somewhere in the south. But if you have made decision to visit this wonderful place, let’s clarify that the city is disposed in Louisiana, right in the delta of the Mississippi, flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

New Orleans is a kind of mixture of peoples, ethnic groups and cultures, which is primarily clearly expressed in the local cuisine. Thinking about American food, first that comes to mind are burgers and hot dogs, but in New Orleans, contrary to popular belief, you can eat very well, thanks to a rich and varied cuisine, than the locals are very proud of.

Having decided to study New Orleans thoroughly, it is worth visiting the French Quarter, which is the oldest city center.

The foundation of New Orleans dates back to 1718 and the city received its name in honor of Philip II of Bourbon, Duke of Orleans, who ruled France in those days, while Louis XV was still underage. The formation of the town was in the form of a semicircle from one end of the Mississippi River, and all roads were organized in such a way as to be parallel to each other.

Since the foundation and afterwards, New Orleans had quickly turned into Louisiana’s economic center, bringing to life a lot of novelty and freedom. Thereafter, the town passed into the hands of the Spaniards, followed by the development of the port, and the city became home to many refugees, turning into a real mix of African and European cultures and the Caribbean colonies, each of which brought here its own characteristics.

Feel the whole charm of the capital of jazz and enjoy the famous festivals on a trip to New Orleans!

A well-known fact is that New Orleans organizes the largest festivals in the world, among which the most famous is Mardi Gras, lasting for six weeks. It is held annually 47 days before Easter. In 1872, the official colors of the carnival were chosen: green is the color of faith, purple is the color of justice and gold is the color of power, and these colors can be seen today on every street corner.

A characteristic feature of New Orleans is a very interesting combination of different styles of architecture, ranging from French, Spanish, Creole and American. In order to better appreciate this great mix, it’s worth visiting the Gallier house, which is characterized by the fusion of all these genres.

Fans of music and especially jazz will not miss the chance to visit Preservation Hall, which is a beautiful jazz concert hall that may not seem like it at once, but was honored to welcome such high-profile jazz names as Sweet Emma Barrett, Billy and De Pierce George Lewis.

In addition to its excellent cuisine, New Orleans is also known for its Hurricane cocktail, which is a beverage made from rum and passion fruit.

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