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New York – the city made of glass, concrete and dreams

Even people who have never been in this city knows that New York is the most astonishing place where everything is possible. Here, in every movement, every whiff of wind felt throbbing daily routine of the city, that gives a great desire to live. This city was named differently: the city of miracles or the city that never sleeps, the Empire City or The Big Apple. And yet, browsing the archives, you may find that one of the names was Gotham – the town of fairy tales by Edgar Allan Poe and the one described by Bob Kane in 1939 in his immortal Batman.

New York built on granite, populated by eight million people, to which are added those which are impossible to count, the characters who live in the stories, poems and novels. This city of dreams and stories unfolds beneath your feet from Brooklyn Heights and up to the central part of Manhattan, from the Lower East Side and to Park Slope, Greenwich Village and the East Village. There could feel the smell of ocean, smog and food, there are places where the characters of our favorite novels and movies live.

New York is able to capture the imagination of anyone, surprise with the horizon, dotted with skyscrapers, delight with greatness of Empire State Building or give the opportunity to listen to the silence in the heart of Central Park. Strolling you can reach the Park Slope in the hope of meeting Paul Auster and Foer, visit the Brooklyn Public Library in downtown Manhattan, and pay tribute to the local literary heroes, like Walt Whitman, Maurice Sendak, Marianne Moore and others.


New York covers an area of 1214 square kilometers, 784 of which are occupied by land and 430 covered by water. The territory of the city is a very urbanized, and it should be mentioned that the “vertical” proliferation makes it the most crowded one in the United States. New York is disposed in the Hudson River estuary on the Atlantic Ocean.

It often happens that people, talking about New York, involve only the island of Manhattan, which accommodates almost all that is usually looking at a typical urban route. But in fact, New York is composed of five districts: Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, which are divided into several areas, characterized by unique features.


Well, is it possible to imagine that someone has not dreamed at least once in a lifetime to go to New York, introducing in advance how will walk along its famous streets and avenues, and each of us imagine its own version of the embodiment of their dreams in this city. Someone love it for the elusive prospects, other – skyscrapers, ready to touch the sky, and someone for the traces of the history of the great authors and contemporary writers.

Do not miss the chance to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy of the Manhattan skyline from the observation deck on the other side of the Hudson. Meanwhile, Brooklyn is a symbol of unity of people of different races and cultures living side by side.

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