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Oklahoma City – one of the pages of American history

Being the largest city and the capital of the state of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City has a populace of about 540,000 inhabitants, the number of which is increasing up to 1.3 million, taking into account the metropolitan area of ​​Oklahoma City Shawnee. The city is disposed in the heart of the state, in the southern part of the Great Plains and is a major industrial center specializing in the aerospace and petrochemical industries.

The foundation of the city dates back to 1889, namely to the day when a fever race was launched for the land, named Land Run, which provided land under construction or crops to all those who first took them. The result was that the city was almost founded in just six hours, for which approximately 10,000 settlers became the first developers and received the right to own land. Further, the population growth was irresistible and already in 1904 the city had its own University, in 1907 among others it entered the Union of Oklahoma. An additional incentive for growth and development was the discovery of numerous deposits in this area, several important projects were implemented to accelerate the movement and transportation of crude oil.
Just as it was observed in many American cities, in the 1970s and 1980even in Oklahoma City there was a tendency for a significant reduction in the population, when hundreds of families abandoned their previous homes, seeking to move to a peripheral zone, away from industrial facilities. In connection with this trend, in the following years the city administration made significant efforts to reconstruct the city, modernize the avenues, create large parks and public buildings. But in April 1995, a tragic event happened when the twelve-story federal building occupied by FBI was completely destroyed by an auto bomb.

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A very interesting sight can be seen in the central square of the city, where the world’s largest cattle market is organized, where an auction is held on Monday and Tuesday.
Just below the city center is Metro Concourse, which is one of the largest underground pedestrian areas in the United States. There are many shops, offices and restaurants.
Meanwhile, the Music Hall is an excellent example of art deco architecture, where various concerts and musicals are often held.
To connect to the theme of art, you can visit dozens of museums, among which the Oklahoma City Art Museum undoubtedly deserves special attention, where besides the art collections proposed a small theater and a restaurant. Every year the Museum of Science offers various exhibitions on the subject of science, photography, aviation and theater. Of particular interest to tourists is the amazing collection of pistols and daggers, owned by John Wayne and donated to the museum by the great actor himself.

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