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Paris is an irresistible city of a thousand of desires

Paris being amongst the most beautiful and visited places on the planet, full of irresistible magic of its charm, inspiring emotion and poetry. According to the countless people who have ever in their life seen this city, Paris is certainly beautiful city of lights that can endlessly surprise and charm everyone, unforgettable city that inspires the desire to visit it again and again at any time of the year, to grasp its many and a variety of faces.

Without exaggeration we can say that Paris is just a kind of panacea for the lovers, who often tend to spend their days and capture the great memories of the best moments of their life here, in a romantic atmosphere of Paris.

Here is perfect everything from extraordinary architecture, monuments, museums, boulevards and gardens, enchanting lovely views, which together with the friendliness and hospitality of Parisians, form that magical symbiosis, which differs Paris from all the other cities in the world.

Paris as a symbol of the French beauty, shows visitors its original architecture, which fortunately has been preserved in spite of the bombing during the Second World War.

Its not easy to visit Paris in a limited period of travel, because the number of all the sights that one would like to see no less than twenty. And the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Madeleine, the Pantheon, the Arc de Triumph are just a few of this huge list.
Certainly we have to mention the Louvre, representing the largest museum in Paris and in the world and a huge number of other museums that tell tourists about French history and art.

Feel the beauty of Paris in the Tuileries gardens and the Bois de Boulogne, in the exciting field of your trip!

Paris is also an inexhaustible place for exciting nightlife, where you can visit the famous Moulin Rouge and many other clubs, restaurants, shops and trendy cafes. There are places that are crowded with people until dawn, such as the Champs Elysees, where you can see an unforgettable show of seductive lights.

Paris is an immense metropolis the only metropolitan area of which hosts more than 11 million inhabitants and covers an area of approximately 15 thousand square kilometers. The town is crossed by the Seine river, which at different times has inspired such great masters as Claude Monet, Albert Marquet, Eugène Boudin and Buatel. For centuries, Paris has been praised by many masters of the art, among which are such names as Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Victor Hugo, Modigliani and others.

Paris also provides fantastic opportunities for fun for the whole family. Just thirty kilometers from the city is the fabulous world of Disneyland exciting not only children, but also adults who can have fun time here.

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