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Philadelphia – the city of brotherly Love

Philadelphia occupies a central place in American history, being a symbol of freedom and democracy, an intellectual and spiritual engine from the times of the British Empire. It was Philadelphia that became the historic site where the Declaration of Human Rights was signed in 1774, and in 1776 independence was proclaimed. It is also the first capital of the United States.

Philadelphia has also become renowned for being amongst the first American cities to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its rich historical, cultural and artistic heritage. And it all began with the fact that in 1979 UNESCO had the intention to retain and enhance one of the monuments, the Independence Hall, where the Constitution of the USA was signed on July 4, 1776. For today, walking along the streets of the center, you can visit museums and palaces, everywhere feel the influence of historical prestige.

Philadelphia was founded by William Penn in 1682, and the main goal was the formation of a pedestrian residential center where cultural sights, parks were carefully created and a rich artistic program was offered. This philosophy of Penn even to this day is penetrate the city. Here you can clearly feel how history and art are unquestionably the main actors, to see firsthand how the city combines the charisma of a grand multicultural metropolis with the charm of a provincial town.

Travelling in Philadelphia and strolling through its streets, you can immediately plunge into history, follow the stage by stage in all the historical milestones that led the United States of America to independence from Britain. After wandering through museums and art galleries, you can learn everything from history and to art. For example, the Rodin Museum and the Barne Foundation provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the collections of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. In addition, the city is rich in various theater and music programs and vibrant nightlife, which makes visiting the city more intense.

Plunge into the history of a great country when traveling to Philadelphia!

Many famous people who made America a great country, had their origins from Philadelphia, such as William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and others.

In Philadelphia, very special attention is paid to all kinds of culinary activities, festivals and competitions. It was here that the first production of American ice cream was founded in 1861, Bassetts Ice Cream, and the legendary Cheesesteak, a sandwich invented by the brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri, was created.

The climate of Philadelphia is ideal for hiking, during which you can explore the city, enjoying the view of historic buildings. The winters here are moderately cold with little snow, in spring and autumn you can enjoy warm weather, and in hot summers the temperature does not exceed 30 ° C.

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