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Phoenix is a magnificent oasis in the desert of the American Far West

The uniqueness and extraordinary charm of Phoenix can be felt in the air when you land at the airport of the city. This, suddenly emerged in the middle of an endless and arid desert, the urban agglomeration is Phoenix, which is the largest city in the Western US and the capital of Arizona. The city is actually completely surrounded by desert and huge cacti. Here, respectively, a desert climate, characterized by hot and dry weather in almost all periods of the year, and in summer the air temperature can exceed 40 degrees. Therefore, if you chose this interesting place for your trip, then it is better to visit it in the spring, when the weather is so mild, and the city is filled with various cultural events. It is known that Phoenix is ​​also called the Valley of the Sun. The city was founded in 1867, and the initiative of its foundation belongs to Jack Swilling, a former veteran of the Civil War. Initially it was exclusively an agricultural community formed near the confluence of the Gila and Sale rivers, and only in 1881 Phoenix became a real city. Especially the big development and growth began to be observed after the Second World War, and to this day the city is still in continuous development. Since the beginning of 1979, Phoenix has been divided into 15 townships. Traveling to Phoenix, you can enjoy historical monuments of great value, museums and theaters, modern architecture, a lot of attractions and fascinating places, where flora and fauna are hosted.
Undoubtedly, Phoenix is ​​a modern city where a wealth of cultural and tourist attractions is offered. The Heard Museum, which is located near the city, contains works of art and a history of ancient Indian tribes that inhabited the southwest of the United States. Here you can see interesting audio-visual projections and live performances. Meanwhile, art lovers will not miss the chance to visit the Phoenix Art Museum, which is a huge space reserved for visual art.

Feel the whole fascinating charm of the Far West making a trip to Phoenix!

It is certainly worth visiting the city parks, also a magnificent botanical garden. Desert Botanical Garden collects various typical desert landscape plants. For small and curious visitors will be interesting the Arizona Science Center, which is a museum dedicated to science and technology and contains 350 interactive exhibits.
It cannot be said that Phoenix claims a special artistic or architectural appeal, but here you can feel the true taste of the Far West.

Here are some of the buildings of the twentieth century and added some newly built, with the aim of recreating the views of the old West. Walking through the salons with wooden signboards and old memorabilia, one can feel like a cowboy in those old times of the Wild West.

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