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Prague – a dream embodied in stone

Prague is often mentioned as a magical city, which is the keeper of precious architecture and numerous romantic squares. Prague has always been a favorite place for artists from around the world, a refuge of various writers and poets looking for inspiration. Dominating the city is a huge castle which was the wetness of various landmarks of history over the centuries, and the river Vltava, with its beautiful bridges, dissecting with its powerful stream the old town, which was built and spread around.

The distinctive attraction of Prague is the Charles Bridge, which is depicted in a variety of postcards and commemorative posters and photos of which is a kind of visit card of the city. Walking here at dusk or in the morning at sunrise, you can see the crowds are always attracted by its grandeur and spectacular light show in the evening. Every day, tourists come here to fully taste the uniqueness of this place, listen to jazz street singers and buy souvenirs. In the old days the bridge was also used as a place of execution. One of the distinguishing features of the Charles Bridge is the presence of 30 statues placed along the sides and depicting saints.

Visit the magnificent Prague called revolving door between East and West!

Architecture of Prague has very unusual and interesting character, being as it were a pendulum oscillating between the Baroque and Rococo, between modernity and modernism. Walking along the banks of the Vltava you have the feeling that in the air are the sounds of classical music. And in fact, the Prague Spring begins with the opening of the festival of classical music, held annually on May 12 on the day of death of the great Czech composer Smetana.

Fabulous and somewhat magical atmosphere can be felt in the ancient royal city, which throughout its history has been witness to centuries of regency of Czech rulers, hard days, perpetrated by fascist invaders, passing through the town of Soviet tanks, and finally, the difficult stages of liberation, rebirth and focused movement towards the creation of a free and developed state, which with interest surged by waves of tourists and new perspectives.

The ancient castle, which was mentioned above, with a glance makes it clear why Prague is called the city of a hundred towers. Perfectly restored and partially rebuilt, today it is the official seat of the President of Republic.
Considering the castle as the starting point for excursion and moving on foot, you can walk to the Royal road on which in 1458 came to the throne George of Podebrady. Was nicknamed the king of Bohemia, he became the first European monarch that challenged the corruption of the Catholic Church.
Not far from this street is the Powder Tower, a symbolic entrance into the city, and it stands on one of the 13 gates of Prague.

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