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Sacramento is a beautiful city in California

Perhaps not many will know that Sacramento is the capital of the wonderful American state of California, although the city is not as populous as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Here, as in most of California, people speak two languages, English and Spanish. Sacramento was founded by John Sutter, Jr., in 1848, during the years of the famous gold rush, and was the most important point of linking roads, river transport, also of the transcontinental railroad.

The city is disposed at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers and is a major port from where opens the excess to the Gulf of Saisan. The area occupied by the city is about 249 square kilometers. To date, in Sacramento effectively operates an international airport, from which numerous flights are performed.
The city is in an area with high seismic hazard. The climate here is mostly Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters with little precipitation and hot summers. Rains are mainly from December to February. Those who decide to visit Sacramento, taking note of the weather conditions, can choose the spring season.

Regarding the history of the area, it is known that for many years it was inhabited by Indian tribes such as Mivok, Maida and Shonommey, who left plenty of evidences.
When visiting the city, as the starting point of the tour, it is best to take Old Sacramento, placed between the river and a modern city, on the banks of the Meuse. Here, every corner can tell you about the history of town and everywhere the historical can be seen the wooden buildings of the old era. This special atmosphere can simply enchant visitors by revealing interesting facts and curiosities from the history.

A lot of interesting things can be found visiting Sacramento museums. For example, the California State Railroad Museum is dedicated to locomotives and the railroad of North America. The museum center gives the opportunity to follow the route of about 10 kilometers aboard of the old train.
Those who are interested in American history, the chronicle of the life of Native Americans, then surely they will not miss the chance to visit the California State Indian Museum. Meanwhile, in the Croker Art Museum a magnificent collection of works is presented, which was assembled all over Europe by Judge Edwin Bryant Crocker.

A very interesting place is the Old Schoolhouse, a building with only room, which is a typical school in California of the late nineteenth century.
Also worth a visit such places as Eagle Theater and Pony Express Monument, which tracks the mail history and the route of 3163 km from Sacramento to St. Joseph, Missouri. There is also a monument to Theodore Judah, an engineer who designed the transcontinental railroad and his magnificent Memorial Sculpture.

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