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San Antonio – a Texas city with a special charm

Visiting the United States is a cherished dream for many, and when it is implemented, most travelers plan a trip to such large and famous cities as New York, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and others, tempting images of which are often flicker in news releases, in documentary or feature films. But, let’s see what interesting things can be seen in a Texas city like San Antonio, which is disposed between the counties of Bekhar and is its center, Comal and Medina in Texas. The population according to 2010 data is about 1.5 million people, which defines it as the second most populous city of the state, after Houston, and nationwide is the seventh most populous one.
For sightseeing, it’s enough to take a start from the center of San Antonio, where you can see a magnificent place, recommended by many and always attracting a large number of people, the Majestic theater. Here you can enjoy one of the famous and frequent performances presented in the theater. On warm evenings, after a delicious dinner in the restaurant, enjoying typical Texan cuisine, you can stroll along the San Antonio River, which crosses the city.
As on the city itself and in the countryside, you can find dozens of interesting historical routes, including National Historical Parks of San Antonio and San Jose. The entrance is free. The first of them is located in the large castle, where also organized weddings. Walking through the park you can go through narrow streets and small rooms of a very original style. The second park is more focused on history and gives very interesting knowledge of the history of Texas to both children and adults.
Do not lose sight of the fact that San Antonio is famous for its fantastic theme parks, among which you can especially highlight the wonderland of Morgan, Sea World and Fiesta of Texas. These theme parks are among the most visited in the whole country, so do not miss the chance to visit at least one of them.

Visit historical monuments and the most important museums of Texas when traveling to San Antonio!

Among the most visited museums can be noted such as the McNay Museum and the Art Museum of San Antonio.
The first presents various works of Norman Rockwell and it is placed in the manor of Marion Kugler McNay. You can relax in the adjoining garden. The second museum contains works of various genres.

Very interesting is the old San Antonio Road, which is an ancient path, discovered in the late seventeenth century by the Spanish explorer Alonso de Leon from Mexico, who on the ancient Indian routes reached Louisiana. This road has many branches and alternative routes, each about 5 km long and were built to evangelize the American Indians.

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