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San Diego – the old city and the most beautiful place in California

San Diego is a city that from the first minutes of your visit envelops you with an unusual warm atmosphere and it can be called sunny not only because of the warm sun shining most of the year, but also thanks to the sunny and calm atmosphere that is felt on its streets, parks , on the beaches, wherever you go.
This old town and Presidio Hill are considered the birthplace of California; It was here that in 1769 the first Spanish settlement was founded under the guidance of Father Junipero Serra. Walking along this historic part of the city, you can admire the colonial-style houses, visit the central square, the Old Town Market and buy souvenirs, and walk through the Bazar del Mundo, where the Mexican atmosphere reigns.
The historical quarter of the city is Gaslamp, which began to form after 1867, and its heart is 5th Avenue, full of magnificent buildings, luxury restaurants, where you can spend an evening with pleasure.

You can also relax and unwind in Balboa, which is the largest city park, named after the Spanish navigator Nunez de Balboa. The park is placed on an territory of 4.856 km² and is covered with magnificent green meadows where you can relax, play or sunbathe. Here, among the various museums you can visit the Museum of Natural History, the Air & Space Museum of San Diego, the Museum of Art, and also the Zoo.

Located directly opposite the central part of the city, Coronado Island can be reached both by boat and by car through the bridge. This place is considered as very exclusive, with beautiful houses and a large beach, which in 2012 was awarded with the title of the best beach in the United States. Here you can see Del Coronado, built in early 1888 in a Victorian style, in which were shot scenes from the movie “Some love hot” with the famous Marilyn Monroe.

Enjoy the tranquility and sunshine on your journey to San Diego!

The National Monument of Cabrillo is a protected area named after the Portuguese explorer Cabrillo, who was the head of the first European expedition in 1542. The monument was opened in 1913, but the present statue of the sculptor Alvaro de Bri was donated by the Portuguese government in 1939.
Those who love military history must certainly visit the USS Midway Museum, which is an American aircraft carrier USS Midway, which was used by the Navy from 1947 to 1992 in various conflicts. To date, it is a kind of floating museum, which is completely open to the public.

Meanwhile, lovers of sports can visit the giant water park Mission Bay and have fun, taking up sailing, surfing and others. And in the theme park Sea World you can see a show of dolphins, killer whales and sea lions.

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