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Travel to San Jose, to the opening of the New California

California is a suitable place for holydays not only for surfers, actors and wine experts, but also for mass tourism thanks to many interesting places, which, in particular, can be seen visiting San Jose. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city is not entirely characteristic of North America, with a large number of shopping arcades, department stores and fast food chains. The city is able to offer cognitive holyday thanks to the presence of several museums, typical exhibitions, also the culinary features offered in cozy restaurants.

The city was originally founded in 1777 as the first settlement in the Spanish colony of New California – Nueva California. In fact, the name San Jose has number of places, including the capital of Costa Rica, but this time it is about one of the largest cities in the United States, which after Los Angeles and San Diego, with its 461 square kilometers of territory and almost a million inhabitants, is the third city of California.
Here you can really experience a lot of positive emotions, a lot of fun and excitement at the sight of the San Jose Sharks on the HP Pavilion or enjoy the tranquility in places like Los Gatos Creek Trail. In short, you can experience exciting emotions and have a great fun.

Among the interesting places to visit in San Jose is the Innovation and Technology Museum, which offers a lot of entertaining for all. There are various fantastic things, interactive exhibitions dedicated to earthquakes, imitating the vibrations of the earth, which suddenly starts moving under your feet. It’s so exciting that you spend at least two hours to quench your interest. You can also attend interactive seminars that allow entertaining scientific facts and most of these seminars are designed for children.

Experience the thrills and emotions when visiting great places during the travel to San Jose!

There is also no shortage of parks and recreation facilities, and one of them is Alum Rock Park, the oldest of California parks, founded in 1872. Here you have in disposition 21 km of roads for walking, jogging or hiking. Walking along the river Penitencia Creek or to go along it on the boat can be quite calm, but if you want more thrills, then choose a more difficult path of South Rome, which has many depressions and peaks that you can conquer.

Going down to a narrow valley, you can see a small museum located in the center and an animal rehabilitation center. Here you can also find enough space to relax in the bosom of nature and have a small picnic, enjoy a game of volleyball or go on a hike. Along the river there is a beautiful, lush vegetation, and even there is a bit of woodland, along which you can wander in the shade of trees.


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