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A trip to Seattle or a voyage to the emerald city

Seattle is disposed in the state of Washington and given its strategic position on the Pacific Ocean, it is the main city not only of the state, but of the entire American Northwest. According to the assumption, this territory was inhabited by Native Americans 4000 years ago, and the first European, George Vancouver, got here in 1792. The population of the territory began only in 1851 and since then the increment of the city has gathered unceasing rates and today the population exceeds 600 thousand inhabitants. The second half of the last centenary was marked for Seatlte by the fact that it gained significant importance in the world, as Seattle became the headquarters of Boeing, also of Microsoft and Amazon. For coffee lovers it will be known that it was in Seattle in the 1970s that the first Starbucks was opened, and fans of music certainly know that this is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix and many world-famous bands.

From this little introduction, one can understand how dynamic and lively Seattle is, capable of offering visitors a lot of interesting things.

Anyone who visits Seattle for the first time should certainly begin an exploration of the city with Space Needle. In addition to being a symbolic place, the building’s height reaches 160 meters and provides an overview of the city by 360 °. You will soon realize that a ticket costing of $ 20 and long queues to get into the elevator leading to the top of the tower, more than pay off with a breathtaking view that you can enjoy from the top. If you are lucky and the day is sunny, you can see Mount Rainier, located 87 km from here.

Visit the most exciting places when traveling to Seattle!

The core of the city has always been Pioneer Square, which in the 19th century was the site of the first European settlement, and then began to expand gradually, reaching today’s scale. Today, you can visit many art galleries, restaurants and shops, also it is the center of the city’s nightlife.

The Pike Place public market, which was opened in 1907, is a very remarkable and characteristic place of the city. Among the numerous shopping kiosks you can find everything from flowers, fresh fish, local products and even souvenirs. A true delight is to stroll among the numerous stalls and sip Frappuccino from Starbucks. It was here, among the shops of Pike Place Market, in 1971, the first Starbucks was opened!

An ideal place for lovers of culture and pop is the EMR Museum, located just a few hundred meters from the Space Needle. There are often presented the exhibitions, and in 2011 there was an exhibition dedicated to the movie Avatar, where the requisites and costumes of the film were put up, which could be tried.

When visiting Seattle it is worth to take a ferry from Bremerton, or from another point and enjoy the landscape and the horizon that open from the sea and are truly incredible and unforgettable.


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