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Thessaloniki is the city worth of eulogy

Thessaloniki at a glance a bit shabby and decadent, but at the same time spectacular and full of surprises, is an indisputable point of tourist attraction, which open here the most unexpected and interesting features of the city the story of which formed at the basis of geographical location on midway between Europe and Asia. This ancient Macedonian city is full of monuments that represent great value of World Heritage.

The history of Thessaloniki has more than 2300 years and this fact is the essential reason of pride for each of its 790,000 residents. Ranking as second city after Athens due to its political importance and population, in the heart of the inhabitants and also according to tradition, Thessaloniki has always celebrated as the mother of the whole of Macedonia.

It often happens that travelers used Thessaloniki as a transit point for the departing to the islands and other resorts, but even with one day you can see many interesting things that fundamentally will change your idea about this city.

Your perfect travel itinerary can be started in Camara, built in 303 AD to celebrate the victory over the Persian army. The monument is completely decorated with statues of warriors in the battlefield and transmits the various stages of the war of Galerius against the Persians.

Next that attracts the attention of visitors is the massive building called the Arc and Rotunda of Galerius, which is a brick building with a circular base, which the Emperor Galerius constructed as his mausoleum. But for some reason he was not buried here and later it was redone into the first sanctuary of the city the temple of St. George. Today you can see the minaret, which is mounted on the body of the building and it is due to the fact that the church was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman rule.

Walking towards the Old Town, you can appear along the way of lively square full of students. Here you can find one of the gastronomic gems of the city, famous local restaurants where you can taste the most delicious traditional dishes. You should definitely try the biscuits as koulouraki and melomakarono.

Enjoy all the features that only offers in your journey famous city of Greece Thessaloniki!

To look at the old Byzantine city and enjoy the brethtaking views of Thessaloniki from the top you can hike up the hill to the castle Castres, passing through the cobbled streets and admiring the quaint houses along the way in the Ottoman style. This part is called Ano Poli or the upper part of the city that was almost completely avoided the devastating fire in 1917. From the top you can see a wonderful panoramic view of the whole Thessaloniki and Thermaikos Gulf.

Also among the interesting sights of the city you will see Agios Dimitrios and the ruins of the Roman Forum. You can not overlook also the Church of St. Sophia, which is a copy of the same named and the famous church in Istanbul.

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