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Tucson – the city of rapidly growing economy and the ex capital of Arizona

Tucson, disposed in the south of Arizona and 100 km from the frontier with Mexico, has a populace of more than 500,000 inhabitants. Its name comes from the Spanish and means “the base of black color”, which is a clear reference to the existence in this territory of volcanic mountains.

This region was anciently uninhabited, which is most likely due to unfavorable weather conditions and difficulties in water supply. But in 1775 the Spanish army erected here its first fortified outpost, after which, in 1821, having obtained independence from Spain, Mexico within its borders establishes a small settlement, which was still very far from being called a city. And only in 1853, Tucson became part of the United States, and in 1867 the city received the status of the capital of the newly-formed state of Arizona. From this moment, the process of rapid socio-economic growth is observed, as a result of which the population size also increases substantially. In the succeeding years, the capital was moved from Tucson to Phoenix, but the positive impetus for development, made several years ago, provided growth and prosperity to the city for several decades ahead.

The first thing that attracts attention when visiting Tucson is certainly the city center, designed similarly to many US cities. Here you can see such high-rise buildings as the Unisource Energy Tower, completed in 1986, most significant historical buildings like the Congress Hotel, designed in 1919, the Art Deco Fox Theater, the Rialto Theater, opened in 1920, the Cathedral of St. Augustine, built in 1896 and others.

Among the notable places you can visit the area around Broadway Village, which includes an extensive shopping center, designed by the architect Josias Josler. And also here is the pride of Tucson – the University of Arizona, which has received students from all over the country since 1885. A little further is the great Ryde Park, where you can visit the zoo.

Learn the history of the former capital of Arizona by visiting interesting places and museums in Tucson!

To better study the history of the founding of the city, it is worth visiting the Historical Society of Arizona, where documents and artifacts associated with the origin of the city are collected. Also interesting are the Fort Lowell Museum, disposed in the fortress of the second half of the 19th century, the Tucson Art Museum, where more than six thousand pieces of art are presented, the Space Museum, where you can see more than two hundred and fifty models of airplanes and more.

If your trip to Tucson coincides with the time of the festivals, then you will certainly get great pleasure. There are annual events such as the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, the world’s largest mineral exhibition, Tucson Rodeo, when dozens of cowboys rush to challenge furious animals and more.

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