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Washington is the heart USA and the nerve center of American politics

Washington, disposed in the District of Columbia, is the most important of the United States cities. The sign with its name placed approximately 350 kilometers far from New York, which also marks the beginning of the DC – District of Columbia, which is always specified at the mention of this enormous metropolis and the capital of the United States.
Capital District includes 7 Maryland counties, five counties of Virginia, and also the 5 autonomous cities of the same state, which are connected to each other through the subway. Washington, crossed by Potomac River, by far the most visited American city. To this fact contributes the presence of many important monuments and places of historical interest, the abundance of beautiful tree-lined paths, ideal for pleasant walks also a lively nightlife. No less importance have the cultural atmosphere of the city, as evidenced by a never-ending list of museums and art galleries. There are also many well-known restaurants where you can enjoy the best international cuisine.
Like most cities in the US, even Washington DC is characterized by large contrasts. For example, if on the one hand, you can see most of the tourist areas contained in a perfect cleanliness and order, on the other hand, you can visit some of the areas where poverty and misery affect most daring imagination, where can also be found, though small, but some racial segregation.

The best time to visit Washington considered the spring and autumn, as summer heat and winter frosts can kind to spoil a pleasant stay. But there is another thing to be taken into account that in the summer and winter prices decreased significantly, in comparison with the busiest season and hotel rooms can be rented at very low prices.
Touring in Washington, everyone wants to visit a number of emblematic places that are constantly swirling in the imagination. Only a few of them are the White House, the Capitol, the monument to the fallen of Vietnam and the Library of Congress. The city is full of green areas and parks, where you can plunge into the serenity of nature and relax from the chaos of the metropolis. At night, you can find a lot of nice places in Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, where you can enjoy the live music, mostly jazz and blues, and drink a few cocktails with friends.
Washington welcomes visitors with a warm and diffuse light, also with green and spacious streets. To this fact contributed the adoption of a law that prevents the construction of buildings above a certain height, calculated in proportion to the width of the road. This law was adopted in the construction of hotels Cairo, now a residential house, near Dupont Circle, in 1894, at the urgent request of Thomas Jefferson, with the aim of Washington would never be flood by skyscrapers and always be equipped with low buildings and wide boulevards.

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