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Yerevan – the intriguing capital of Armenia

Visiting Armenia, you obviously will not bypass its interesting capital, visiting of which everyone is get a sense of respect both to the city and to the whole nation. And it’s not just because of the a long history, full of emotional sufferings of this ancient land, but also because of the charm and interest, which caused by its attractions are mostly centered around Yerevan.

Let’s start with the well-known symbol of Armenia – Mount Ararat, to which according the legend was landed the Noah’s ark escaping from the Flood. From any point of Yerevan you can clearly see the outlines of the majestic mountain, which today is disposed in Turkish territory and which has 5165 meters in height.
To the south of the capital, only 30 kilometers, you can visit the monastery of Khor Virap, which is repeatedly mentioned in various books and to which are dedicated the set of commemorative cards. From the monastery opens the magnificent views of the vineyards and you can watch numerous nests of storks.

Yerevan is always fully prepared to offer its visitors a permanent holiday feelings and bringing a little bit of good humor, it seems that the city is in a constant vacation. On warm summer days, the inhabitants gather in the main avenue for communication and a pleasant stay. It may also seem like a show, demonstrating the fashion clothes and luxury cars. But of course, this is only the outer aspect and with a deeper familiarity, you will certainly find that the capital can also be quite convenient and safe, with the presence of a rich cultural life, thanks to the many theaters, concert halls, galleries, and also bars with live music.

In the center of Yerevan, visiting the Republic Square, you can feel almost like in a European capital, and only a few dozen steps separate you from the characteristic  Armenian reality, where the local Suka market is placed, where you can find and buy almost everything. Moving from one booth to another, here you will find everything from clothing to tools, stalls full of fruit, vegetables, cheese, spices and freshly baked bread. And all this you will be able to taste and buy.

You will notice how spectacular can be Yerevan’s atmosphere. Starting with the fact that the signs are written in Armenian, attract attention for their unusual for Europeans style of writing. The Armenian alphabet containing 36 letters, was created be theologian Mashtots and contains a wide diapason of sounds.
Yerevan is also fascinating for its churches and monasteries, visiting of which you feel yourself a part of history that reflected even from the walls of these ancient buildings.
But above all, it should be noted that Yerevan is an exciting and attractive for its culture and hospitality of the people, where you can feel part of a big a kind family.

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