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About Andorra: Country of surprises

The independent principality of Andorra , this wonderful countries location is on the Iberian mountains , bordering nations are France & Spain . Andorra has a subtropical climate , much of it’s territory is in the mountainous region . Andorra’s size is so small that its capacity is similar to Monaco & San Marino. Its name consists of two words , Ando above the mean , while the ore – iron . Country is rich in iron ore , and that is why it was called Andorra . Andorra is one of the World ‘s Smallest country known.
Andorra is a democratic parliamentary government, the legislature is united parliament Board. The total number of the population is 71.8 thousand , the majority of Spaniards and French people live in Andorra . The official language is Catalan , other spoken languages are Spanish & French. Religion is Catholicism , Roman Catholic Churches greatly influenced the religious culture of this country . Andorra la Vela is the capital city.
Economic stability in the country , tobacco exports , iron , mineral and thermal waters in abundance , Construction – Wood material & TV production.
Tourists shouldn’t miss a chance to arrive in Andorra , easy and convenient to get to Spain and Andorra , France .
Due to the fact that Andorra is gifted with mountains, ski season opens in December and lasts until April . In summer, the best tracker . Summer festival is held in Andorra is called the Village Festival , during which the entire population gathers in the main square, where to dance , drink …….
Andorra is a small but very interesting and attractive to tourists, it also means that every year, more and more travellers are visiting this country .
Travel and Take pleasure in any season .