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About Denmark: Royal Country

Denmark is a small beautiful country, alot of tourist attractions , where you can walk perfectly, their is very active night life, many cafes and night clubs. Visitors of all ages can experience fun in Denmark.

The word ” Denmark ” , is carved into the famous Ellingskih stones ( c. 900 AD ) , a history traced to the Viking Age and is the first mentioned name of the country , found within Denmark itself . In the XIII and XVII centuries, Denmark recognized power to whom the influence was comparable to the influence of the major European countries. Today the historical situation is somewhat different. The current size of the country and the measurment of its influence in the international arena are the result of four hundred stories of forced abandonment of the right to ownership of land , invasions and lost battles. However , Denmark is the leader country in various fields, including design, architecture , agriculture, “green” technology and pharmaceutical producing.

In Denmark, everyone admires to Danish traditions and holidays, although mostly celebrate holidays without much ado . Many Danish tradition’s are associated with the Christian calendar , and this Christmas, Easter and Midsummer Festival (late June ) probably are the most important and they are usually held in conjunction with the family.

Other important holidays – Mardi Gras in February , the New Year and the Great Prayer Day , uniting in one day a few less important Christian holidays. Also celebrated in Denmark 1. May ( Debmarks National Labour Day ) and 1. April ( April Fools Day ) , when the Danes tease and deceive each other with joke pranks & incredible stories.

The Danish monarchy exists for over 1,000 years . Among the ancestors of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, are kings Gorm the Old (d. 958) and Harald Bluetooth (d. 987 )
The closest relatives.

The Danish people are more than proud of the Queen & the Monarchy in general. Queen Margrethe has earned the respect of her subjects for intellectual capacity and their artistic skills , having worked as an illustrator , designer of theater sets and textile artist . Along with the Prince Consort , The Queen has translated nay French litareture works into Danish and vice versa. .