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About Greece: Country of Myths

Greece – located in southern Europe, is a democratic country led by the President and the government.
The name comes from the Greek tribe Grim living in Italy.
Greece’s highest mountain peak point is Mount Olympus. The Neighboring countries are : Albania , Bulgaria, Turkey . It is surrounded by three seas: Aegean , Mediterranean and Ionian. Greece is on the twentieth place in the world for its large coastlines. Famous resort areas : Crete, Rhodes , Corfu ….
If you ever dreamed of a land of myths and legends , you should go to Greece. The country is rich in ancient civilization , beautiful beaches, national dance and cuisine ……

Sirtaki is popular Greek dance, which was created in 1964 for the film ” The Great Greek ”. After the release of the movie, it has become popular worldwide.
Athens is the capital of Greece, it’s the cradle of civilization. The city is a center of education. The city’s name comes from Greek mythology, the goddess – Athena. About 3.9 million people live in Athens . Greek is the official language , and religion – Orthodox . In Athens, many old buildings , including the Acropolis Pantheon, where Wonderful and rich architecture , which does not leave anyone out of interest. It should also be noted that Diogenes lighthouse, Wind Tower , Hadrian’s Arch , the Temple of Poseidon …. Antiquities attracts many people from around the world .

Second city of Thessaloniki is a economic, political and industrial destination in Greece after Athens . Temples St. Sofiy , Catherine and St. George as the Archaeological Museum enriches the importance of this city.

Another popular destination is Mount Athos , the Colossus of Rhodes , Olympia .
Variety and number of seaside resorts attracts people more and more and move very comfortably on the courts and on the boats you can find yourself on uninhabited islands .
Visit Greece , find out more about its ancient culture , try Greek cuisine , enjoy the sun and sunny beaches , and this trip will leave an indelible mark in your memory.