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About Scotland: country of Whiskey

Scotland is located northern of Great Britain. It`s surrounded by England, Northern sea, Atlantic ocean and Scottish sea. Scotland is not independent country but has own parliament. Residents are dreaming of independent of country. There were a lot of fights for freedom between England and Scotland. These wars were happening very often and it was hard for the residents. Scotch mainly used bow as weapon. Officially the language Scotland is English skotch speak their own language that sounds close to English. Blend is one of the most popular whiskeys.
Scotland the country of Whiskey
Whiskey is national treasure of Scotland. It`s also called as the country of Whiskey. Whiskey is made by rye and it is called Scotch. There are three main types of whiskey: Blend, Pure malt and Single malt. Classic whiskey is single malt.
Blend is mixed whiskey and it is made on vine factory. The whiskey connoisseurs often say – The production of whiskey is science and blending is art. In 19th century Andrew Usher blended whiskey and made new step in the history of whiskey. You can find expensive and collectible whiskeys. While tasting of whiskey you fall into different world of dreams and memories.
Scotland is famous by whiskey and Kilt. In 2010 Sean Connery was dressed in kilt on fashion show. It is a huge cloth on waist fixed by a huge button. Men also were hanging valet on it. In Scotland positive emotion goes over every expectation.
Travel in Scotland read the ancient traditions try the famous whiskey and this trip you will not forget ever.