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About Spain: Country of Flamenco

Spain is located in the southeast of Europe, neighboring countries are: France , Portugal , Andorra . Its capital Madrid.
Monarchical country of Spain , the Kingdom of the population is diverse , minority Basques , Catalans , has a population of 45.8 million. The official language is Spanish, Religion Catholicism .
The mountainous regions of Spain ranks second place in Europe, after Switzerland, it’s are characterized by cold winters, Snowfall, cool summers . Spain is well known, the fact that there is mostly sunny climate.
There are many small -sized rivers in Spain, is rich in flora, Canary islands has about 8000 species of plants.
Plays an important role in economic life in the service sector , mainly tourism, it plays an important role in the development of the industry , modernization of industries . Spain ranks first in the production of olive , also developing : agribusiness, shipbuilding , mechanical engineering.
Spain is rich in cultural monuments, sea resorts , traditions, makes this country attractive to tourists.
The most popular and major tourism destinations are Barcelona and Madrid, two radically different from one another, plenty of attractions for tourists to visit in the two cities. Barcelona is more active, wandering musicians, noisy, and Madrid is more classic and quiet.
Road construction is also widely developed, which makes it comfortable to get around throughout the country . The length of fifteen thousand kilometers of railway line in Spain , at the airport about 50 million passengers a year arrive and depart. Around 59 million tourists visited Spain in 2008 . It is the third most popular among tourists . Here, the journey is associated with the sun , unusual dishes, flamenco and koridas, the exuberance of the cultural riches, travelling in Spain engages you get to know a new country, but also enriches the world to your eyes, emotions and tastes.