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About Latvia: Latvian Holidays!

Latvia is the country of national traditions, breathtaking architecture, with a lot of many resorts on the Baltic Sea, ancient castles, mineral waters and well-known amber. Picturesque landscapes stretch for tens of kilometers along the banks of the Daugava River, Riga Vidzeme coast etc. Beautiful lakes are perls of Latvia.

Riga is located on both banks of the Daugava River, nearby the flows to the Gulf of Riga. The capital itself шы attraction and the largest city of the Baltic states with a population of about 700 thousand people. The historic center of Riga шы included in the UNESCO heritage list. The Old Town with churches, medieval architecture and art nouveau is unique. Many narrow streets lined with paving stones and houses with tiled roofs, all you need to see with personally.

About Latvia

The observation deck at St Peter’s Church is the most famous in the capital. It is situated at a height of 72m, perfectly visible from the Old Town, the center of Riga and Daugava and Pārdaugava (Zadvinie). From this place you could shot the great photos!

The grand Dome Cathedral, where are held Organ music concerts, is majestic!

It’s time to have a lunch. Numerous of restaurants with delicious dishes of national cuisine, where in warm weather you can sit out on the summer terrace and enjoy the views of the city. Local bakery, famous bread soup with cream, meat knuckle, cold soups and beer is beyond praise.

Attractions of Albert Street, where most of the houses designed by Mikhail Eisenstein (father of filmdirector Sergei Eisenstein) and "embassy district", which presents the famous “Jugendstil”.

Jauniela or cinematic street, which was film prototype of Baker Street and Flower Street in the movie "17 Moments of Spring", and is familiar from childhood to all ex-residents of Soviet Union.

Without visit to bazaar, you will never touch the spirit of the city: smoked chicken, deli meats, smoked fish, black bread, cumin cheese and much more.

Castles, palaces with parks and fortresses of Riga’s are known throughout Europe. It is a park and the palace of the Dukes of Courland by architect Rastrelli. Beautiful Cesvaine Palace, built in 1890. The favorite tourist areas bordering with Estonia Vidzeme with lots of picturesque hamlets. In the province became popular rural tourism, eco-friendly environment and peace. Center of the region is the town of Jelgava.

Jurmala, which needs no introduction, дщсфеув for 32 km along the Gulf of Riga and invites you to a variety of holiday homes and resorts. Music festival "New Wave" has gained immense popularity in many countries.

As a souvenir brought back from Latvia famous black balm (Rīgas Melnais balzams)!

It’s time to visit museums, which amounts to 150! Museum of the "Bible of Gluck," “Fitinghoff” estate, Riga History and Navigation museum, the only in the Baltic Porcelain Museum, a museum of dolls. In Latvia, anciently revered cult of the sun, so you can see the monuments of the Sun, in connection with these

features in Riga is the world’s only museum of the Sun, where you can see how all people have different perceptions of the main light. The museum contains works by masters and artists from all over the world. The exhibition includes about 400 suns and is constantly updated. The museum gives visitors a like a piece of heat and light and good-bye each visitor with a gift of complimentary white sun which you can decorate up to your taste.

Land of Latvia is a great place for a family holiday or romantic.

Dreams should come true, so it’s time to make another one -r to arrange a Latvian holidays!