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Franchise – Naniko rent a car

Why franchise with company “Naniko”

Company “Naniko” is leader and Innovator Company among the car rent business.
Company’s experience, innovations and marketing was estimated for the region, where this business activity still were under development and many aspects need to be improved. “Naniko” has created the model which corresponds to 24 hours booking system Software and requires smaller number of involved personnel.
Naniko’s strategy is still to open new offices and to offer franchise in countries with limited financial resources. So Naniko’s Business-plan was calculated and based on a minimum investment and rapid development and achievement of maximum results. Thus “Naniko” offers its franchisees quite different package and opportunity to invest minimum net worth requirement and liquid assets.

Unlike other worldwide Vehicle rent companies for “Naniko” the priority was to provide high quality for low cost.
“Naniko” doesn’t limit its franchisees in fleet composing with vehicle types, but it is mandatory to pass the training for managers after what we recommend to owners which types and brands of vehicle are preferable for the definite country.
We will advice and share our experience, variety of nuances, necessary for the car rent business designed for a specific country’s market. For the initial period and further development of your business Franchisee Company could learn from our professional management staff how to do business and lead it to success and prompt development.

What is franchise?

> Franchising Contract in car rent gives you official right to work under the company’s brand name, to use company’s logotype and design as well as applying business models, all technologies, Software, which owns company “Naniko” for the companies under its Franchise.

* Does “Naniko” finance auto fleet?

> No, “Naniko” doesn’t invest in franchising company’s fleet completing.

* Which priority offers franchising conditions from “Naniko”?

> Under the franchise contract from “Naniko” you receive business model and business activity assistance/consultations upon your company development. Except that you have access to booking system from Naniko’s global site and access to internal booking monitoring program, which is integrated with site booking program and is fully automated. As well you could make statistical enquiry of your cars booking and possibility to custom required parameters. All the layouts for advertising and promo materials will be provided automatically for you in all case.

* What are the main financial differences of “Naniko” franchise from others in the same business scope?

> Our franchising is equal USD 150 000 minimal net worth requirement and USD 80 000 liquid assets, actually this is three time less in compare with other international brands. The most important and advantage is that during the first year working under franchise the buyer is free of first down payment. The only transfer which is obligatory is royalty fee which is the most competitive among car rent companies. The Franchise Fee and Royalty fee is calculated for definite country based on auto fleet and other data/components by Franchise Manager.

* What are your requirements for car purchasing?

> The vehicle shouldn’t be older than 5 years and have 50 000 mileage.

* What is necessary to gain company Naniko’s franchising package?

> Minimum network requirements compiled USD 150 000 and hold liquid assets at least in amount of USD 80 000. Besides your company should have a perfect credit history/records and have availability to free assets or financing to complete the fleet. After reviewing your company’s application docs for car rent franchise purchasing the rights of franchising will be given to your company.

* What is the main procedure for this and how much time takes applying docs over viewing?

> As usual these procedures take up to 30-90 days. For applying you should prepare all documents according the Naniko’s Legal Department requirements. First of all you have to fill the form, which you could find at Naniko’s official site and send it to Naniko’s Financial Department for reviewing. After that you have to arrive to the one of Naniko’s offices, which will be pointed to you by Naniko’s Franchising Officer for introducing, present yourself and answering any of your questions. After approximately 10 working days you will get the answer on franchise purchasing. In case of positive decision we will send you Franchise Contract for signing from your side.